CHI Bulls

NBA Prop Bets: LaVine & Vucevic to Shine vs Clippers

Prop bets are an exciting way of betting on the NBA. Here you will find the latest NBA players prop bets as released by...

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7:10 PM - Today

Best Bet Of The Day

Odds: -105

LA Lakers @ BRO Nets


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Today - 2:45 PM ET


Best Bet Of The Day Tip

Odds +110

Today - 7:10 PM ET


Best Bet Of The Day Tip

Odds -105

Today - 8:07 PM ET


Best Bet Of The Day Tip

Odds -120

Today - 9:00 PM ET


Best Bet Of The Day Tip

Odds -110

Today’s Best Parlay Picks

Caesars Live Stream Image

Today’s Others Parlay Picks

Today - 3:00 PM ET


3-Game Soccer Parlay

Odds: +1074

Today - 7:00 PM ET


4 Game Parlay Picks

Odds: +1989

Today - 7:00 PM ET


5-Game NBA MEGA Parlay

Odds: +2390

Today - 7:00 PM ET


3-Game NHL Parlay

Odds: +912

Today - 7:00 PM ET


Cross Sport MEGA Parlay Picks

Odds: +5734

Today - 10:00 PM ET


New Orleans Pelicans Vs Denver Nuggets Game Parlay Picks

Odds: +594

Latest Betting Picks

Features Predictions



12 - 4


14 -3

29 Jan, 6:30 PM ET



23 - 28


27 - 24

31 Jan, 7:30 PM ET


28 - 25


23 - 26

31 Jan, 8:00 PM ET



26 - 26 - 6

Blue Jackets

27 -21 - 3

31 Jan, 7:00 PM ET


28 - 24 - 6

CAR Hurricanes 

32 -17 - 8

31 Jan, 7:00 PM ET


Baylor Bears

16 - 5

Texas Longhorns

17 - 4

30 Jan, 9:00 PM ET



14 - 8 - 5

West Ham

5 - 3 - 12

30 Jan, 2:45 PM ET

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WAS Capitals

COL Blue Jackets

Tuesday 31st January, 7:00 PM ET

LA Clippers

CHI Bulls

Tuesday 31st January, 8:00 PM ET

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BettingPicks4You is the home of free sports picks and betting tips. We have top experts working hard to provide you with the best bets every day an all the major US sports and biggest worldwide events. If you want to have long-term success in wagering, you need to be prepared to make educated predictions, be consistent, and manage your bankroll well.

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BettingPicks4You experts give you the very best free picks every day, so you don’t have to worry about researching statistics, data and other essential signals. Being profitable in wagering is like a chess game: you must be focused and develop a plan that can work in the long run. This takes a lot of time and energy, and this is why the professional bettors are coming to BettingPicks4You to grab the daily free picks developed by our experts’ cappers.

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Let’s not waste time. You have landed here because you would like to place wagers safely in the USA on sporting events. BettingTips4You is a site launched in 2022, wholly designed to help American bettors better understand the new sports betting law landscape and advice on the sports betting site you can safely open an account with, in addition, of course to providing great free picks.

The best picks from passionate experts

You will learn what sports you can bet on, what are the licensed and trusted sportsbooks in your state, and generally make your online sports betting experience as safe and exciting as it can be. Our job is to keep you informed on the best new sportsbooks, their best welcome sign-up offers, the most exclusive promo codes.

But once you have signed up with the best sports betting sites in the USA, you will still be able to take advantage of our services. This is because we have a team of expert cappers ready to help you out in your daily wagering with quality researched picks on all the major US Sports, that are entirely free!

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The House Of Free US Sports Pick is not only the place to go to find the best betting sites in the US but also where you can find free sports picks and betting tips. Our experts’ handicappers will provide you with their best bets every day on all the major US sports. To have a chance to build up your bankroll when wagering on sport, you must make informed decisions based on research and experience.

Our experts will provide you with the best free picks so that you don’t have to spend time looking into statistical data to find the insights. After all, finding a solid wager is similar to having a game plan to win in a sport, it takes dedication and time. Here at BettingPicks4You, you will find the best daily free sports picks that our wagering experts have prepared.

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We all know that the best free sports pick is the one that…wins! Of course, this is not easy, especially when trying to win consistently, yet some proven strategies can be utilized. Studying the odds is one of these. For instance, you might notice that too much public betting might be on one side, which could affect the odds’ movements. Therefore, the best free sports picks are those where many factors have been considered.

After all, there are so many variables that can change the course of a game that it is necessary to go as deep as possible with the analysis. Our betting tips experts have years of experience in researching and reading lines and use their knowledge to find an edge in the market. By regularly visiting Betting Picks 4 You, you will be able to take advantage of our experts’ knowledge acquired with years in sports wagering. This will be invaluable in helping you build your bankroll, so get a fast track to sports betting success by reading our daily free picks.

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What Are The Best Bets For Today At BettingPicks4You?

Our experts will always provide rationale for their picks. Our best bets of the day are transparent and completely free, and you will find them in dedicated sections throughout the site. So make sure you bookmark these pages and come back daily to find the latest best bets provided by our top experts! All for free, of course.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The US?

Online sports betting in the US has been legal since 1949, but that was only in the state of Nevada, which is home, of course, to Las Vegas. Over the years, Nevada has had a monopoly on US sports betting. Online sports betting has always been illegal in the US. The internet was classed as being relevant to the 1961 Wire Act, which banned all forms of wagering via electronic communication.

In 1973 limited sports betting was legalized in Montana and then Delaware and Oregon, but in 1992 the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, also known as PASPA was passed, which made any type of sports betting illegal in the USA apart from the stated mentioned.

The Supreme Court action in 2018

In May 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 were unconstitutional. The same day, they also ruled by 6-3 that all the act was unconstitutional and should be repealed. That meant that sports gambling was not more deemed illegal by the highest court in the US, and this allowed stats on a state-by-state basis to decide about legalizing sports gambling.

Since that sentence, many state legislatures have been presented to allow sports gambling, with many states that have completely legalized the matter, while others that are on the waiting list. You must check the situation in the state you are residing before opening a betting account. The good news with the legalization of sports betting onshore is that licensed operators keep money safe and secure.

You are now safe with US legal and regulated sportsbooks

With legal, regulated sports betting, you are guaranteed that your details and funds are always safe. Additionally, many states are using the increased income in tax from gambling to fund important projects that help everyone in the community. So, part of the profits made by the legalized sports betting sites will benefit people around you.

What Are The Most Popular Betting Markets In The US?

As you would expect, the most popular betting markets in the US are those of the big four leagues: the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. College sports are also trendy, although some punters are less confident in these as amateurs still play them.

Betting on MLS is less popular compared with traditional American sports, but it is growing, and horse racing betting is more for a niche of bettors. Premier League is also gaining popularity in US and same for tennis and golf. Below you will find the most common wagering methods in the US betting markets.

Moneyline Betting

American bettors do not like ties or draws, and the majority of US bets are placed on the team that is expected to prevail. The favourites are given negative odds, while the underdogs positive odds. The odds are the amount you need to wager to win $100 (if the amount is negative) or the amount you will win if you stake $100 (if positive). With moneyline betting you are simply predicting which team will win the match.

Point Spread Betting

US sports bettors love to see an even playing field, and this is why point spread betting is so popular in the country. In this type of wagers, the underdogs are given an artificial boost so that odds are more even, and there is more interest from the bettors, even when a huge favourite takes on a massive underdog.

Parlay Betting

A parlay bet is a wager that is made of a combination of bets. You can combine as many bets you want, although the top betting sites in the US might place some restrictions. Parlay bets are so popular because they allow winning big, even with a small stake.

On the flip side, though, if any of the bets within your parlay is a losing one, then your entire bet loses. The winning of a parlay are calculated using the winnings from ‘Bet A’ as the stake for ‘Bet B’ and so on until the final selection.

Futures Betting

A future wager is a bet on an event that will happen in the future instead of a single short-term event. For instance, a future bet is predicting who will win the NFL Superbowl, etc.

Prop Bets

A prop bet is a bet on something happening within a single event. For instance, a prop bet can be made on a team or on a single player. So, for example, you could wager that a single player will score a touchdown. The sports books offer the prop bets, and the bigger the event, the more prop bets will be available for bettors. 

How To Be Successful In Sports Betting?

Regardless of how much you believe to be a sport expect, there are no guarantees to make a profit when gambling. If this is true, there are ways to improve your chances of beating the bookmakers over a long period of time.

After all, if you are just blindly placing wagers that ‘sound good’ but you don’t know much about them and haven’t done any research, you might well be throwing your dollars into the trash. Below you will find some betting tips from our experts that can go a long way in helping find the most successful strategy in sports betting.

  1. Always Gamble Responsibly

Gambling is fun entertainment and, for most people, it is harmless. However, it could become a problem for some, so you need to ensure you avoid the risk of falling into that category. Before start wagering you should determine how much you can afford to lose via gambling without this affecting your normal life.

If you realise that your gambling costs are leaving you less money to cope with key financial responsibilities of your daily life (i.e. rent, groceries, utilities, etc.), then it is time to step back. Similarly, if you find it hard to stop gambling, then you should seek help immediately.

  1. Focus On What You Know

If you have followed football all your life and are a great fan, then there is little point in suddenly starting betting lots of dollars on soccer, for instance. The fact is that the more you know about something, the more chance you will have to be successful.

Being right more often than you are wrong is the way to challenge sportsbooks and get a long-term return. It is a difficult task, so sticking to one sport or even a league will help as the more precise knowledge you have, the easier it would be to find an edge.

  1. Win Small, Frequently

Professional sports bettors will agree on one principle: it is always better to bet small amounts on tight odds rather than big amounts on loose odds. The tighter the odds, the more chance you have of winning, even if the return will be smaller.

Small wins will add up over time, and despite this might not sound very romantic, the underdogs are underdogs for specific reasons. Surely, the underdogs can sometimes cause upsets, but more frequently, they lose. Pro gamblers recommend that you never risk more than 1 or 2 percent of your overall bankroll on a single wager. So if you have a bankroll of $100, then the maximum bet will be between $1 and $2.

  1. Ignore Betting Systems

Betting systems don’t work. They might be attractive in theory, but things are very different in practice. Even the top pro bettors have losing streaks, and this is where a betting system will fail. Even if you begin with a $1 base bet, if you hit a seven bets losing run, you will bet $128 per wager, which is considerable. Stick to what you know and betting small and steady.