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We have worked with our betting experts to put together lots of wagering educational content for those new to online sports betting or those looking to refine their knowledge in the field. With the fast expansion of legal sports wagering in the US, plenty of new people are interested in betting online, so make sure you check out all our free Betting Guides below, which are the result of the work of our best wagering experts.

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How to Bet on Sports

In this section, you will be able to learn everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance to prevail over your sportsbook. This guide, which will progressively grow as our experts contribute to it regularly, covers all the basics and has been created by some of the best professional sports handicappers and betting industry insiders. 

Beginners Guide

If you are new to sports betting, you will learn with our full guide all the sports betting basics, terminology and gambling concepts in an easy-to-understand language aimed at novice sports bettors. In addition, you will learn to read the odds and also the meaning of common gambling terms. After you have learned all the basics of how to bet on sports, you will be in a position to benefit from our Best Bets section with plenty of daily NFL predictions, NBA Picks, MLB Picks, NHL Picks and lots more. 

Betting Strategy

This section has been created to help intermediate sports bettors develop their skills and take their wagering to the next level. Find out what our professional bettors are wagering on, discover new ways to spice up your betting ticket, and hopefully increase your returns. 

Sports handicapping

This section of our betting guide has been created for advanced sports bettors keen to improve their skills and winning chances continuously. Here you will find the most advanced sports betting techniques reviewed and advised by our professional bettors, together with examples to ensure you understand and apply these new concepts to your betting correctly. 

Sports Guide

With US Sportsbetting that is growing fast, you can wager legally pretty much on anything from most states in the nation. If you are just getting into the betting side, or if you want to improve your results, make sure you read our betting guide, with plenty of actionable suggestions from our professional bettors.