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Welcome to BettingPicks4You’s online sports betting guides. Here we will guide you through all you need to know about online sports betting. We have analyzed all the states where online sports betting is legal and provided you with all the information you need to get started.

After reading our sports betting guides, you will know how to bet on your favorite sports online. We have top industry experts sharing free betting tips and strategies so that you can find value and the best partner when it comes to sports betting. Don’t worry if you are new to sports betting, as we will provide you detailed information from the ground up and break down the jargon so that in simple steps, you will know everything you need to place your first online wager.

Online Sports Betting Guides

We have worked with our team of experts to deliver guides that will be useful to both new sports bettors and seasoned sports bettors who are looking to improve their sports betting and become smarter sports bettors. 

It is great to see that legal wagering is expanding in the country, but this also brings up questions related to the legality of online sports betting, like, for instance, where you can legally wager on sports online in the USA. We will explain where you can bet sports online, how to bet sports online, and we will also provide a review of all the best online sports betting sites to use. Not only that, but you will also get some leading promo codes available to new bettors so that you can maximize the value and have some credits to get going while minimizing your own risks. 

You will find guides for all states where online sports betting is legal; by following those, you will know how to bet on sports online legally in your state and also what steps to follow. In our sports betting guides, you will learn how you can bet on your favorite sports online. We have prepared guides for all major US sports, like football, baseball, hockey, basketball, UFC, golf, tennis, horse racing, and more. 

We understand that if you are new to sports betting, the betting jargon and figuring out how to physically place a bet might be confusing at times. But don’t worry, as in our “How to Bet on Sports Online” section, you will find all you need to know before placing your first wager. If you are veteran online sports bettors, we also have guides for you so that you can secure that extra bit of value and find the best online sports betting apps and betting sites that accept Paypal. 

On May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down a federal law that banned commercial sports betting in the majority of states, basically opening up the doors to legal online sports betting in the USA. Finally, bettors will not be pushed into the black market to use shady offshore wagering operations, but they can enjoy legal online sports betting with licensed sportsbooks. The great advantage of this is knowing that the money is safe as it is with a trusted, legal, and secure sportsbook. 

Since 2018, several states have passed a bill to legalize sports betting, and many more are on the journey to get this done. At the moment of writing, 18 states have fully legalized sports betting in some form, while 15 of them have legalized online sports betting. 

Online sports betting is legal in the following US states: By clicking on each link, you will find a page with detailed information related to online sports betting in that particular state. 

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