Pickswise Review

What is Pickswise?

Pickswise.com is a well-known US site that provides free sports picks and betting tips. They have a number of writers that are posting lots of articles every day covering all the major US sports. In this page, we have reviewed their service and also compared it with BettingPicks4You.com so that you know what the pros and cons are of using a service like Pickswise.

This article has been made on the back of an internal survey we have run with our subscribers with the aim of finding out what services we should provide on BettingPicks4You.com based on other similar websites in the US.

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What are the pros of using Pickswise?

When you visit Pickswise.com, you can immediately see that they have wide coverage of the events. Every day they have a limited number of parlays and lots of articles for almost every game in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, College Football, College Basketball, and some other sports like soccer, UFC, golf, tennis, and so on. Surely, the amount of daily information provided is huge and probably unparalleled at the moment in the US, so if you are looking for a wide range of coverage, Pickswise won’t let you down for sure. They also have parlay picks and props, but there aren’t as many of them as there are for single-game articles and reviews.

What are the cons of using Pickswise?

Because they cover so many different sporting events and provide so many articles every day, the user can easily get overloaded with information. Imagine a bettor who simply wants to place a few daily bets. When you first arrive on Pickswise, there are a ton of betting options available, making it very challenging to decide which one to choose.

It is fair to say that on Pickswise you will find ‘best bets of the day’ flagged on the homepage, but still, the information presented is not very clear, and we have found instances where different writers are contradicting themselves, making it hard for the user to decide which bet is actually suggested by the site. In situations like this, the bettor comes out of Pickswise still uncertain what to bet on, and, in our opinion, the site hasn’t done the job properly as it should be clearly advising what to bet on.

As mentioned above, they do have a huge number of articles covering all sorts of games every day. Although this is great, we do have to question the quality of these picks. Clearly, Pickswise has gone the route of ‘quantity’ over ‘quality,” and in doing so, their objective was probably to reach as many different people as possible to boost their advertising revenue.

Although this is a fair strategy, it does cast doubt on the caliber of the picks offered and the veracity of their claim that all of the picks come from top experts.Really, can Pickswise provide so many high-quality picks across all these different games every single day? It looks to us as though there is a lack of ‘quality selections’ in the picks, which is a concern for anyone that trusts their service.

The third critique is about a lack of accountability. This is related to the above point. Because they have gone the route of ‘quantity’ over ‘quality,” they are not really tracking the performance of their picks. We looked through all their pages to see what the performance of their picks was, and, apart from very limited cases, all their picks do not present any statistics on their past performance.

Again, this is another sign of a lack of interest in the actual results of the picks, but it shows their business model, which is to push as many picks as possible, regardless of quality, to reach as many people as possible. They tend to advertise their wins from time to time with sporadic articles and Twitter posts, but again, there is a lack of accountability, and it is not easy to see how many of the daily picks they provide are actually winning. Also, they claim to have done full research on all the predictions they publish, looking at them from every angle. This is surely questionable, as even with a big team of writers, it is pretty impossible to provide quality picks at the rate they are publishing, so again, there are questions about the quality of the picks they provide.

When should you use BettingPicks4You, and when should you use Pickswise?

On first glance, BettingPicks4You and Pickswise are sites that provide similar services. In reality, there are significant differences between the two, and we have summarized them below:

Number of articles: Pickswise has a lot more daily picks and covers a lot more single games than BettingPicks4You. This is because they are trying to reach as many people as possible, but as we have seen above, the quality of these picks is questionable, and they are not even tracking the results for the vast majority of them. On BettingPicks4You, you will find a limited number of daily picks, but these have passed several ‘quality’ checks before being published with the idea of only providing the very best daily picks to the readers.

Additionally, BettingPicks4You.com tracks almost every bet pick it generates, including computer picks.So if you are looking for picks on all sorts of single games, Pickswise is probably something you want to consider, but if you are looking to find the very best bets that have been carefully selected, BettingPicks4You is going to probably satisfy you better.

Parlays betting: As we have mentioned, Pickswise has a wide coverage of single games across several sports, but they are lacking in parlay bet picks. Of course, you will find 2-3 for every major sport every day, but still, their offering is pretty scarce compared with BettingPicks4You.com. This is because BettingPicks4You.com is specialized in parlay betting picks, and they offer a wide range of this type of bet.

The rationale is that you can still disect the parlay into single bets if you want to, but having parlay picks gives you the opportunity to go for big wins, which you can’t do with single bet predictions, especially if they are generated by different writers with different expertise, as we can see on Pickswise. So if you lose parlay bets of great quality, BettingPicks4You.com seems to have significantly better coverage at the moment.

Props betting: another area where Pickswise is lacking is prop betting; compared with the number of single articles, these are very scarce. On BettingPicks4You.com, you will find plenty of prop bets and also prop bet parlay picks, which are not available on Pickswise. Furthermore, on Pickswise you will only find mention of props results when they have made some pretty good streaks, while on BettingPicks4You.com you will be able to check the overall results daily as there are tables showing all the winning and losing bets, also on props, and not only on the best bets of the day.

Computer picks: Again, Pickswise does not offer daily computer picks, but this is limited to some sporting events. On BettingPicks4You, you will find computer picks on all sports, but again, their quality filter makes sure you only get the best computer picks. This is because they use a very advanced IA algorithm and only focus on one game per day per sport.

This allows them to provide the algorithm with the best data they can find, rather than attempting to cover all the games of the day with inferior data.This is why BettingPicks4You.com computer picks tend to perform so well. Again, all computer picks are daily and transparently tracked, and the results are available to everyone, which is not the case for the limited computer picks offered by Pickswise.


From our analysis, we can see that BettingPicks4You and Pickswise.com are similar on the surface, but they provide very different services once you dig a bit deeper. In some cases, they can work well together. For example, if you want to learn more about a specific game, you should use Pickswise because it covers almost every major US sports game every day.

If you are looking, however, for selected quality picks where you can see transparently how they have been performing, BettingPicks4You is probably serving you better. On BettingPicks4You, you will also find a wider range of selected parlay picks, more accurate computer picks, and props.

So remember, Pickswise is more about ‘quantity,” while BettingPicks4You is more about ‘quality,” and it is designed for a more advanced bettor who is more keen on reaching results rather than just having a bit of fun by placing some random bets without caring too much about the long-term results. Ultimately, both services provide completely free picks, which means there is no pressure on you to decide which one you should use. Simply bookmark them both and use them based on their different strengths to get help building better bets!

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