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As the name indicates, futures bets are wagers on events that will happen in the future. As bettors can wager on who will with the NBA title or the Super Bowl, they can also bet on which team will win the NCAA basketball tournament, which player will get the Wooden Award and more. On this page, our experts have looked ahead to the end of the season and provided their best NCAAB futures odds and picks, including conference winners, National Championship Game predictions and more. As we get through the season, we might update and add new College Basketball Futures bets, so make sure to come back regularly to avoid missing out.

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Latest College Basketball Futures Picks

Why Wager on College Basketball Futures?

College basketball futures is a great way to have something to look forward to during the NCAA basketball season. Differently from point spread, moneyline and totals betting, futures wagers can be placed at any time. With so many variables to be aware of in college basketball, opportunities for value in this market are real.

From our experience, college basketball futures reward these bettors who have well-researched and backed up their long-term bets on players and teams, making some informed decisions. Staying engaged with college basketball betting throughout the season is also very entertaining. If correct, you will likely get a significantly bigger payout than the daily game-single wagers. 

Why Are College Basketball Future Odds Changing?

Sportsbooks consider lots of factors when they are setting college basketball future odds on the likes of team win totals, conference championships, Wooden Award and so on. One of the most important aspects considered by the oddsmakers for the season is roster turnover. In NCAAB, teams look completely different from season to season, and this is due to graduating seniors, transfers and early departures, new arrivals, etc. This is a key factor in college basketball futures, and it is more impactful than in college football, for instance, because the rosters are small. Football teams have more than 100 players with 40-50 who usually play regularly, while a college basketball squad will have just 12-15 players, with 8-12 in regular playing rotation. 

So let’s imagine college basketball futures oddsmakers are looking at a team that is coming off a Final Four run. If, for instance, that team has lost four starters, with three graduating seniors and a star who declared for the NBA Draft, that squad will be completely different from the previous year and would have to be assessed differently. Sportsbooks also need to figure out the impact of incoming talents and the schedule to determine an over/under on season wins. This is why it is challenging even for oddsmakers to produce some accurate college basketball future odds in the preseason. And, of course, if it is challenging for them, there are opportunities to exploit for bettors. 

College basketball future odds are continuously changing throughout the season. For example, let’s say that a team is coming from a disappointing season with a group of freshmen. Sportsbooks might set the line at around +2000 without realizing that that group of freshmen would have gained lots of playing experience for the year before and could start the new season rocking. Oddsmakers will soon realize that they have failed to weigh that element in making the odds and adjust the price midseason.

This is the reason why placing your college basketball futures wagers at the right time is critical. Future odds are very fluid, and bettors need to find teams that are undervalued or overvalued before the main public and media realize it. Our experts are working hard on this task and will highlight the best opportunities on this page. 

Future Wagers for the College Basketball Season

Placing NCAAB futures wagers on a team can be done pretty much the whole year-round. If you fancy a team, you can back them to win their conference or reach the Final Four. If you don’t fancy a team, you can back them in the under season win totals. And there are also plenty of player futures odds to look forward to. Below we have listed some of the most popular college basketball futures wagering markets. 

Regular Season Conference Title

You will always find some value somewhere in the college basketball futures market if you look carefully. This is because there are more than 30 conferences, and with the significant roster turnover we have just highlighted, winners are changing all the time. So fresh information is key to finding the best value in this NCAAB futures market. 

Conference Tournament Winner

Similarly to the above, you will find these odds available during the whole season. Teams most likely to peak towards the end of the season could be good value in this market. Again, in this case, wagering at the right time will make the difference.

Advancing to the Sweet 16/Final Four in the NCAA Tournament

Also, in this case, futures odds are changing during the season based on injuries, overall performance, seeding projections, etc. For instance, if you believe a team is likely to peak towards the end of the season, it makes sense to back it around February time to make the Final Four as their odds will be seriously long, etc. 

Earn a No. 1 Seed in NCAA Tournament

College basketball futures opportunities will depend on the type of season it is developing. If a team is clearly better than any others, then a good idea would be to back them as the No. 1 seed early in the season. However, if the season is more balanced with upsets, it makes sense to back several second-tier teams that might deliver a deep March Madness run. 

Over/Under Season Win Totals

This is the NCAAB futures market, where preseason research is particularly effective. We have often seen teams winning the National Championship the previous season and missing out on the next NCAA Tournament. This is due to the many changes happening from season to season: for instance, the impact of freshmen, the departing of the best players, coaching changes and so on. 

Oddsmakers will consider this when making an Over Under season win line, yet there are plenty of value to be found, and also, the entertaining aspect of this type of bet is something to consider. Instead of placing a wager and waiting just a couple of hours to know the result, you follow it throughout the season. If, for instance, you pick a few team over/under futures with your friends at the beginning of each season, you will essentially have a rooting interest in each of the games. Roster deep knowledge is what can give you an edge in this market, together with the timing of when you place the NAAB futures wagers. 

Wooden and Naismith Awards

There are the best individual awards in college basketball, and, in most states, you can get future odds for these markets. Similarly to what we have seen above, you would need to do some detailed research to be successful here, as not many will know which star freshmen will have an immediate impact and which seniors could struggle. In some cases, it is pretty easy to determine who will win the Wooden Award with past winners, including Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson. Things can get more uncertain in other seasons, with few players that all have a chance. From a betting perspective, this is when there are more opportunities in the final stages of the season. 

Betting Picks for College Basketball Futures

There are many ways to wager on College Basketball Futures, but to have a chance to be successful, you would need to put some serious research behind it. This is even more important than in other NCAAB betting markets, as many changes impact the teams from one season to another. If you can’t spend too much time researching but still want to place college basketball futures bets and have a good chance of succeeding, don’t worry, as we have the solution for you. By bookmarking this page and coming back regularly, you will be able to benefit from our experts’ betting picks for NCAA basketball futures and hopefully have an enjoyable and profitable season! 

Knee-Jerk Futures Odds

The best strategy to approach this market is to look out for big games and big losses that all consider a big deal. For instance, a strong team can have a few disappointing early home losses, but that won’t mean they are not capable of bouncing back. The best time to place this kind of futures wagers is when public opinion is down, as this is when you will have the most valuable odds. 

Hedge Your Wagers

Some bettors do prefer to ‘let the bets run’ until the end, but to be successful with college basketball futures, you need to consider at least the possibility of hedging your profit, avoiding getting nothing down to the wire. For example, let’s say you have placed a $100 futures bet on a team to make the Final Four at +800 relatively early in the season.

If they make a solid start to their campaign, you could cash your ticket for a reduced amount, or you can back some other selections to secure a smaller but secure profit early on. Hedging and how much to hedge it is down to you. Still, since futures wagers are long-term bets, opportunities will pop up from time to time, and you would need to assess the situation based on your personal preferences and also what you are trying to reach with futures bets. 

The Importance Of Futures Betting Research

As we have mentioned earlier, you need to do some serious offseason research to improve your chances of success with college basketball futures betting. Of course, some bettors might just put $100 on their team to make the Final Four every season, but this is not a betting strategy. It is instead a tradition. 

In a sport with so many changes to rosters every year and with so much uncertainty around players and coaching performances, the only way to find an edge and stay ahead of the oddsmakers is to research long hours. This is where our experts are Betting Picks 4 You can help as before they publish their NCAAB picks, they look at every aspect. They check, for instance, all the freshman class recruiting rankings; they try to identify teams that were average the previous season but that are likely to improve significantly with the return of their starters.

They are always informed on game-changing transfers and look for teams that might have been overestimated based on a few buzzer beaters. They then use their experience to look at the latest futures lines and compare the different opportunities with the best US sportsbooks. Here at BettingPick4You.com, we have everything to help you be successful with NCAAB futures bets, so bookmark this page and come back regularly to find the latest college basketball futures predictions for your wagers.