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What is College Football Betting?

Football is a very popular betting sport, and despite the NFL is clearly the most popular amongst bettors, College Football betting is growing at a high-speed rate. If you look at the best US Sportsbooks out there, you will find that each College Football game has hundreds of wagering markets available. Clearly, the bigger the schools and conferences, like the Power 5 teams, the more markets and actions there will be.

What we focusing on here at Betting Picks 4 You

Here at BettingPicks4you, our main focus is on providing picks and analysis on the Power 5 games and any Top-25 ranked teams outside the big five conferences.  With so many College Football games available every week, it is essential to focus our time and research on selecting matches to ensure the quality of the analysis and predictions. All our College Football betting previews have been made after thorough research from our team of NCAAF experts.

You will find bets against the spread and on points totals, and several College Football Parlays every week. We also select what we believe are the picks carrying the biggest value and publish these on our College Football Best Bets page. In this way, you will always know what College Football picks are likely to return the best results. 

College Football Odds

It is crucial to shop around for the best NCAAF odds. Unlike the NFL where all the significant sportsbooks have pretty much similar odds, in College Football, odds can be substantially different from one operator to another. As we have seen before, College Football has plenty of games every single week, and the consensus on how these are likely to end tends to variate a lot more than in the NFL.

Wagering on NCAAF at the best possible price will allow you to maximise your potential profit over time, so always ensure to shop around before placing your College Football bets. Our experts will also help you with this task, as they will list under each of their tips the odds offered by the major operators so that you can quickly take advantage of the best possible price. 

Best Sportsbooks to wager on College Football

Wagering on collegiate football is very popular in the US. Plenty of sportsbooks are therefore offering NCAA football lines and will promote wagering opportunities hoping to get new customers. Competition is great, but you need to be careful as many operators are illegal and not licensed in the US, and might delay or withhold your payments for different reasons. Here on BettingPicks4You, we will only promote the best legal online sportsbooks in the business so that you will never experience any issues.  

College Football Moneyline Betting

This is the simplest way to wager on college football, as you just need to predict what team will win a particular game. Odds compilers of the best sportsbooks will calculate the probabilities of each team winning, based on several factors like head to head record, home advantage, injuries and so on, and come up with related odds. Usually, you will have a favorite and an underdog unless the two teams are completely balanced. 

Let’s bring this to reality with an example. Let’s imagine that Virginia are playing Georgia Tech. You might get that Virginia is made the -500 favorite while Georgia Tech is the +350 undergod in the NCAA football odds. The minus symbol in front of the odds indicates how much you need to stake to make a $100 profit. In this example, you would have to wager $500 to earn $100.

The plus symbol tells you how much profit you would earn from a $100 wager. In the example above, you will get $350 by wagering $100 on Georgia Tech. So a $20 wager on Virginia would return $4 profit if successful, while a $20 bet on Georgia Tech will return $70 if successful. It is clear that the sportsbooks believe Virginia has significantly more chances of winning this game. 

College Football Spread Betting

NCAA spreads betting is the most popular college football wagering type. The best US sportsbooks give the stronger team on paper a handicap to balance things out. Looking at the example above, you might see Virginia as the -6.5 favorite in the NCAA football point spreads. You will then be left with the choice of either back Virginia at -6.5 or Georgia Tech at +6.5, with odds that are likely to be -110 for both options. To be more attractive, some books are reducing their juice on NCAAF, so you might even find odds of -105 on both outcomes. 

So, if you back Virginia to cover the college football point spreads, you would need them to win by 7 points or more. This is more challenging than backing Virginia to win money line, but a $20 wager would bring you a profit of $18.20 instead than $4. If you back Georgia Tech to cover the NCAA football spreads, you will cash in if they win the game outright or lose by 6 or fewer points. This is easier than with a moneyline wager, but a $20 bet would return a profit of $18.20 instead of $70. 

Some betting sites will offer alternative NCAA lines to skew the odds. For instance, they might offer an alternative line of 8.5, where you will get a bigger profit by backing Virginia successfully at -8.5, and a smaller profit by backing Georgia Tech at +8.5. You could also find a 4.5 point line, where your profit on backing Georgia at +4.5 would be bigger but smaller on Virginia -4.5. 

College Football Totals Betting

In this NCAAF wager type, you would need to predict the cumulative points scored by both teams in a match. Oddsmakers will set a totals line when compiling NCAAF odds, and you just need to guess if the cumulative points will be over or under that line. Odds are normally -110 on under and -110 on the over. This betting type is particularly interesting when you are unsure who will win the match, but you are comfortable that this will be a high-scoring contest or a tight, low-score affair. 

College Football Prop Wagers

Proposition bets are focused on a particular event within a game. This could be the total yards a running back will carry the ball, whether there will be a safety, how many TD’s a player will score, etc. They are not necessarily linked with the game’s result, and you will find plenty of these prop bets during college bowl games. 

College Football Parlays

A college football parlays is when several predictions are added to a single wager to generate a significantly higher potential profit. For instance, you might look at the many NCAA college football games played on the weekend and decide that three teams will likely win and cover the spread. You can also wager on these teams separately, but the payout would be higher if you place them in a single CFB spreads parlay. On the flip side, to win a parlay you need for all the predictions to prove correct. If only one team fails to cover the spread, your bet will lose. But if you are correct, you will earn a significantly larger profit than if you had simply placed three individual wagers. You don’t have to limit yourself to college football spreads, but you can also opt for totals, money lines and other lines, or even mix your NCAAF picks. 

What is the over/under in NCAAF?

This is a wager on the total points in a match. Sportsbooks will set a college football line, and you would need to predict if the cumulative points scored by both sides will go over that amount or will stay under. 

How do I wager on college football online?

Given that football is the most wagered sport in the US, most sports betting sites will cover both the NFL and NCAAF extensively. Regardless of what app or sportsbetting site you are visiting, you will be able to find wagering lines for college football directly on the homepage or via a quick search. Make sure you only bet with legal, safe and licenzed top sportsbooks from our selection. 

Can you wager on college football?

Even if there are some restrictions, betting on college football is legal in many US states. Therefore, you will find that all the best sportsbooks offer the latest line college football betting, and getting involved is very simple and can be done with just a few taps on your phone screen. 

What does it mean when a team is favored?

It means that sportsbooks believe the team has the best chance of winning the game. Oddsmakers analyze and assess the strengths of the teams involved in a game before deciding who is the favorite, and will look at things like roster, opposition’s quality, motivation, injuries, home advantages and many more factors. 

How does spread betting work in college football?

You might have found that many college football games are somewhat unbalanced, especially when bigger schools face smaller ones. To make betting more interesting in these fixtures, the sportsbooks will give the stronger team on paper a handicap. You will then need to predict which team will be able to cover the spread. For instance, if Team A is the 6.5 point favorite, you can either wager on Team A -6.5 or Team B +6.5. 

What is the moneyline in NCAAF?

Moneyline is a straightforward bet on which team will win a particular match. This wager type is used when two teams are on paper similar in strengths or if you think an ‘underdog’ can cause an upset. 

How do college football odds work?

If you are looking at American lines, a minus symbol in front of the odds indicates the amount you must bet to win a $100 profit. If you see a plus sign, this shows the profit you will potentially get if you stake $100.