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Latest Golf Betting

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Golf Betting Explained

BettingPicks4You is the home of all things Golf Betting. We have a team of experts that will provide you with analysis, advice, and predictions throughout the golf season to help you make the most of the opportunities. So bookmark this page to get the latest PGA Golf betting picks and predictions every week, including complete previews and best bets for major tournaments like The Masters. 

How to bet on Golf?

Outright betting in golf is a wager to predict a specific player to win a tournament. Picking the right player to win a tournament is very difficult, as the field is made of around 150 players, so the outright odds are significantly higher than in most sports. However, considering that the potential return of investment is so high, you can wager on many players and still secure a good profit if one of the selections that you have picked wins. Our usual strategy is to wager on a couple of players in each ‘tier’: for instance, we can choose a player amongst the favorites, with odds of +2500 or lower, one amongst the contenders with odds between +2500 and +5000 and a longshot (odds of +5000 or higher). If you wager $10 on these six players, your total investment will be $60, which is reasonable considering that even if you back a heavy favorite at +1000, you will get a $100 profit if he goes on to win the tournament. 

Top 5, 10, 20 Golf Betting

Another golf bet type is to wager on top 5, top 10 and top 20. This is a less risky version of outright betting, as you need to predict that a player will finish in the top 5, 10 or 20 in a tournament. Obviously, odds will be shorter than wagering outright, but the market is significantly less volatile, and you can develop strategies to have some steady return over time.  When wagering on placement instead of outright, you must place a larger wager to get a decent return. As you would expect, the placement betting market is very different from outright. Here you would need to focus on golfers capable of performing consistently well, even if they might not have what it takes to win most weeks. Players with a high percentage of made cuts would be the ones to consider. 

Golf Matchups Betting

There are many different ways of betting on golf, with different sportsbooks that offer several markets. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

Heat to head Golf Betting

This can be week-long or single-round wagers that put two players against each other, with the bettors needing to predict who will get the better score. In this golf betting market, you can wager against a player who is not well-suited to that course or that has been in disappointing form lately. 

Nationality Golf Betting

Several books also allow bettors to predict which player of a certain nationality will do better in a tournament. So if you are confident that a specific player can do well, but not to the level of backing him to finish in the top 5, you might get decent value to back him on a nationality wager, depending on what other players are present in the field.  

3-Ball Golf Betting

Another trendy way of wagering on golf is to wager on each round. 3-Ball betting uses the tournament pairings and offers odds on which player in the group will do better in the round. This market is particularly popular as it is very entertaining, especially if you can watch the action of the featured group on TV. 

First-round leader

Wagering on the first-round leader is another niche golf betting market growing in popularity. Not all sportsbooks will offer it, but more and more do it. By looking at the stats, it is easier to predict who will lead a single round than backing to win the entire golf tournament. Despite that, odds still return significant value with exciting potential payouts. A key thing to consider when making first-round leader predictions is the course and weather conditions, as these can significantly impact the outcomes of this market. 

Golf Live Betting

Similarly to other sports, live betting is also very popular in golf. Here bettors have time to do some proper research, as there is ample time between rounds. Despite the live positions in the leaderboard influencing the live odds, the market normally still favors the most known and highly ranked player. By studying statistics, you can find perfect edges by backing players in good form and in contention. The odds for these players would typically be more valuable even if they have gained a decent advantage over the next most popular or highest-ranked player on the leaderboard. 

Golf Betting Strategies

Now that we have discussed the basics of golf betting let’s look at some of the most popular betting strategies. 

Bankroll management

Bankroll management might be challenging in golf due to the excellent profit potential of outright betting on tournaments. It is easy to get carried away, so staying reasonable and keeping to a weekly limit on how much you are prepared to wager on a golf tournament is essential. Picking an outright winner is complex, and you would have to expect to go several weeks without a win in this market. A single win will generally make up for many weeks, especially if you haven’t backed a particularly strong favorite. It is also suggested that you pair your outright wagers with top 10 or top 20 to get some return on investments instead of solely hoping to hit an outright winner. 

Check Injury reports

As golf is not a sport of contact, injuries aren’t as common as in other sports, and for this reason, there aren’t many news to watch out for in most weeks. Despite that, some withdrawals on Wednesday evening or Thursday mornings might affect the golf betting markets, so it is advisable to come prepared to avoid that something will ruin your bet suddenly. 

Course form and recent form

The form is critical when predicting who will win a certain golf tournament. Not only recent form is essential, similarly to other sports, but the unique-to-golf course form is also a major factor. By looking at the stats, you will find players that do well at a specific course or on courses designed by the same person, and these are elements that have to be taken into account when making golf predictions. For instance, Augusta National is a course where history is particularly relevant due to its unique nature. Of course, history will have less impact in other easier courses, but it is still a significant factor to consider. 

Schedules & Travelling

With tournaments taking place across the world, professional golf requires lots of travelling, and during busy times players can pay a toll. Looking at players travelling and rest times, it is important to evaluate if the schedule will likely affect their performance in the upcoming tournament. Similarly, be aware of backing a player who has played multiple tournaments without rest, as this is likely to generate fatigue and difficulty focusing. 

Line movement

You usually won’t find many line movements during the week leading up to a golf tournament, but some sportsbooks will have better odds than others on this sport. If you spot something particularly interesting, it makes sense to take advantage of the odds, but it usually is fine to evaluate and take your time before placing your golf wagers. 

Considering situational betting

Golf is a sport where winning and losing are on a fine line, and many external factors can influence the final outcome. For instance, some players do excel in easy conditions while others do their best when the wind is blowing, and so on. Therefore, anticipating external events and getting ahead of the curve by checking, for instance, the forecast, is something that can give you a clear edge when wagering on golf. Motivation is also a very important factor to consider, as there are situations during the season where players would need points for the FedExCup, to win a Masters invitation, to please local fans and so on. 

Golf betting Stats: Which one to consider?

Nowadays, we have the excellent opportunity to have lots of advanced stats on our fingerprints at any time. This has made the life of sportsbooks more challenging as bettors have access to lots of insights that can effectively make their golf bets more accurate. A lot of research has to be done on every player to figure out who might be the winner or even who can be in contention in a golf tournament. This is what our experts do every week, and we are proud to have some of the best golf betting predictions in the country. Normally, the strokes gained stats are the golden measure in golf, but some courses will favor Strokes Gained: Off-The-Tee while others will favor Stokes Gained: Approach, and others Strokes Gained: Putting. Additionally, some courses will favor year to year statistics, even if the weather and course set up can change the picture suddenly. It is usually advised to select players who do well in ball striking statistics (driving and approach shots) as they can take a significant advantage and run away in a tournament as long as they have a good putting week. 

Golf Majors Betting And Trends

Let’s take now a closer look at what strategies we should adopt when attempting to predict wins at Golf Majors. 

Masters Tournament Betting

The Masters tournament usually takes place in April, and it is always played at Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia. This is one of the most famous courses on the planet, with potentials for drama everywhere. This course rewards patience and players with a creative game from tee to green. When looking for a potential Masters winner, you should carefully consider course history here. As we have seen in recent years, creative ball-strikers tend to do well. 

PGA Championship Betting

The PGA Championship takes place in May, and the course will change every edition. Usually, this tournament has the easiest setup of the four majors, and it is similar to a regular PGA Tour set up. This means that long and high hitters are players that have to be closely considered when looking for a winner. 

US Open Betting

The US Open usually takes place in June at a new course every year. The US Open is one of the toughest tests of golf every season, where it is a challenge to break par. Length and accuracy off the tee have been very important stats in recent years, with courses that have gotten longer and longer. 

The Open Championship

The Open Championship is usually played in July at the courses like the Old Course at St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. This is the home of golf, and St. Andrews is the oldest course in the world. Usually, this tournament is played at some of the most accessible championship venues, with players of any type that could be in contention. The Open Championship always takes place at a classic links-style golf course with windy and challenging weather conditions. If the weather is calm, players usually do go low, and any style of player could prevail. However, when there are windy conditions, solid ball strikers who can keep the ball low tend to do well, and this is one of the few golf tournaments where long hitters don’t have a clear edge. 

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