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There are many different ways to wager on golf, and our golf picks will flag the best betting opportunities every week of the season. Our experts are working hard to find the best betting value every day and will provide their picks for each golf tournament on this page, together with a complete rationale so that you can understand what has been their selection process. So if you like wagering on golf and want to get regular free golf picks from our experts, make sure to bookmark this page and come back regularly to find the latest predictions and best bets.

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Golf Picks Explained

There are many different ways of betting on golf, and in our golf picks, you will find different predictions to cover the most popular bet types. A common way to wager on golf is to pick the outright winner of a tournament. This is a difficult task, but it can be very rewarding, and our golf experts spend lots of hours every week analyzing each golf tournament to the minimum details in their quest to find the potential outright winner. Finding the winner is difficult with such a large field size every week, but the odds are very high for those longshot picks if you manage to hit one. 

Each-way golf picks are also very popular, with half the money on the win and half money on the place. This is, in fact, two bets in one with your stake that will be doubled. Golf is a very popular sport in the US, and sportsbooks also offer plenty of other markets. We provide all sorts of golf picks, like individual Player Golf Prop Bets, 3-ball matches and First Round Leader. Every week, our golf experts will suggest the best golf picks and the most valuable odds, together with a complete analysis of the upcoming tournament. Don’t miss out on our golf picks every week, which are entirely free of charge. 

Betting on Golf with our picks

Golf is similar to soccer as it is played all over the world. However, there are plenty of opportunities to find an edge with so many betting markets, and our experts are working hard to provide you with the best golf bets. Most weeks, there are tournaments to wager on somewhere, so by betting consistently on value odds, you can come up on top over the long run. 

Golf Picks Types

The great thing about golf wagering is that you don’t have to necessarily pick the winner of every tournament to get some payouts. With so many golf betting markets available, our experts provide a full range of golf picks that satisfy every bettor’s taste. Let’s take a look at the most popular: 

Golf Outright Winner Picks

The most common way to wager on golf is by selecting which golfer will win a tournament. If the golfer you have selected wins the event, you will win the wager. If it doesn’t, you lose. Outright winner golf picks are very popular and are particularly appreciated by these bettors looking for value opportunities over a more extended period of time. Even for the best experts, winning an outright golf pick is hard, but the reward can be impressive when that golf pick hits. Top golf players’ favorites tend to have odds of +800 which means that if you place a $100 wager and you win, you would get a payout of $900, which is just on the favorite. Of course, the payout would be even higher by backing an underdog, so you understand that a single winning outright golf pick will go a long way to increasing your bankroll. 

Golf Match Betting Picks

Golf match betting is when players are paired in groups of two when they reach the fourth and fifth days of a tournament. With golf tournament matchups picks, our experts pick which golfer they believe has the best chance of delivering the best score for a given round within the event. Let’s imagine that we have two players on the field at a tournament: their odds to win the matchup would probably be in the region of -120 each if they have similar skills. 

Golf Three-Ball Wagers

In three-ball betting, golfers play in a group of three on the first and second rounds of a four-round tournament. This is because the number of players initially is very high. In our three-ball wager picks, we predict which of the three golfers in a specific group will have the lowest score in a particular round. As a result, bettors won’t have to wait until the tournament is finished to get a payout on their potential winnings. Instead, the bet will be concluded when all three golfers have completed all 18 holes of the round. Also, the three-ball bet is lost if two of the players in that group are tied for the lowest score after playing the 18 holes. 

Group Betting Picks

In our group betting picks, our experts predict which golfer from a particular group of players has the highest finish at the end of 72 holes. There are usually five players in a group bet selected based on their similar odds for the tournament or on their comparable world rankings. 

Golf Props Picks

Golf prop bets picks are a great way to make things more interesting in a golf tournament. There are many different elements to consider in a golf tournament, so sportsbooks offer all sorts of odds for golf prop bets. Some of our golf props picks are whether a golfer will hit a hole-in-one, Over/Unders on the winning score of the champion, golfers to make or miss the cut, player to hit a hole-in-one and so on. 

Golf Futures Picks

Futures bets usually offer higher payouts than other top sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. In our golf futures betting picks, our experts predict months in advance which player is likely to win a major tournament. Surely, this is a difficult task, but on the other hand, the odds available will carry extra value, and by locking the bet earlier, we might gain an edge if these are being lowered as the tournament approaches. Usually, by wagering on a golf player to win a major tournament some months before the start, you can get futures odds of around +3000, which would get a great payout if the wager turns out to be correct. 

Golf Live Betting Picks

Live betting has become very popular in many sports, and golf is not an exception. Our golf live betting picks are made to help our readers making the most of live wagering opportunities. For example, let’s say you have picked a golfer that doesn’t seem to be capable of winning the event. By following our golf live betting picks, you can get back in the game by wagering on a golfer doing well and where there is good value. The odds are unlikely to be as high as pre-event but will still return a healthy payout if the bet hits. Additionally, our golf betting experts will likely provide other picks on other live golf betting markets if they find good value opportunities. 

Golf Each-Way Picks

In our golf each-way picks, our experts suggest two wagers in one on a golfer. The first bet is on that golfer to win the event, while the second wager is on that golfer to place in the tournament. For a golfer to place, he would have to finish inside the top six or inside the top eight in some special circumstances. Most online sportsbooks will pay out a quarter of a fifth of the original odds for a place finish, and given how high outright golf odds are, there are still excellent returns for correctly predicting this wager type.