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NBA Futures: Boston Celtics And Golden State Warriors To Continue Their Legacy

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NBA Futures Predictions

Key Stat: The Celtics lost in the NBA Finals 2022 against the Warriors with 4-2

Tip Reasoning

  • The Celtics finished 2nd in the Eastern Conference with 51-31 record
  • The Celtics beat the Nets, Bucks and Heat on the road to the finals
  • The Celtics veteran Al Horford reached the finals for the first time in his 15th season career in the NBA

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The Boston Celtics failed short for the 2022 championship and lost the NBA Finals by the Warriors in which they didn’t have the power to stop Steph Curry and the company. The Golden State Warriors struggled in the first 3 games of the finals but after that they have found “the secret ingredient” and finished the finals with a total of 4-2 in wins for new championship for the Warriors.

The Celtics started the previous season not that good and they didn’t seemed like a team that will go to the very end in the game. However starting from December they were by far the best team in the Eastern Conference and they finished on the second position in the East,2 games behind Miami Heat. The Celtics then, led by Jason Tatum and the veteran power forward Al Horford beat the Nets with 4-0, Bucks with 4-3 and Heat with 4-3 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It is too early to predict the final outcome and futures for this team, since we just entered the trade market in which the teams are exploring options. However this is a great and young team that has mentality for only getting better and for us they are a main candidate to win the Eastern Conference.

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Tip Reasoning

Key Stat: The Warriors beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals 2022 with 4-2

  • The Warriors finished third in the Western Conference 53-29 record
  • The Warriors beat the Nuggets, Grizzlies and the Mavericks on the road to the finals
  • For the last 8 season, the Warriors went 6 times to the finals of which they have won 4 champions rings

At the start of the season, the public was not expecting that the Warriors will finish the season as champions. Especially when the team was incomplete for most of the previous season, mostly with Klay Thompson, one of the two “splash-brothers” suffered heavy injuries.

Once strong the Western Conference, was also surprised with how the table looked at the end of the season with the Suns and the Grizzlies dominating the regular season. The teams from Los Angeles, both Lakers and Clippers were also struggling with injuries for most of the season and in the end they finished without playoffs basketball. Therefore the Golden State Warriors were holding the 3rd spot with 53 wins and when the playoffs arrived, people started realizing that the Warriors are the biggest favorites to win the championship since the team got completed by then. The Warriors proved that the trio Curry-Thompson-Green with their boss Steve Kerr and the support they got from the young players is unstoppable.

What is next for this team, we will see but they again have room in the roster for a great superstar and the public speculates that Kevin Durant might be back on the team again? The Warriors, however, will keep the legacy and we again see them as the main favorites to win the Western Conference if the team stays healthy.

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