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BettingPicks4You is the home of the best NBA prop bets. Prop bets are an exciting way of betting on the NBA, where you focus on different aspects of the game which do not involve the actual outcome of the match. It is a great alternative to wager on the NBA, and there are two types of NBA Props available: NBA player props and NBA team props. Our expert handicappers will research and analyse all the most important stats to find out the best NBA prop bets for today’s NBA games. Make sure to bookmark this page to avoid missing out!

NBA Prop Bets

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What is an NBA Prop Bet?

NBA Prop bets are wagers on the statistical performance of players and teams in a specific game, which are an alternative to traditional bets on teams to win, cover or on the profit total to go over/under the line. The most popular NBA prop bets are around points, rebounds and assists, but there are plenty of other opportunities to wager on NBA player props and NBA teams on every game. Our NBA betting experts will be providing daily NBA Prop predictions to help you make the most of this innovative wager type. 

What are NBA Player Prop Bets?

NBA player prop bets are wagers focused on an individual player’s statistical performance during a particular match. Usually, this will include one or more of the key player stats categories such as points, rebounds and assists. Most NBA player prop bets are in a Total or Over/Under type of bet format, like a player X to score over or under 27.5 points in a match. 

All the top sportsbooks have player and teams props options

All the top sportsbooks have a selection of player props for each NBA game where you can choose to wager on points, assists and rebounds individually. Each player will have individual lines for each stat for bettors to wager on. It is also possible to wager on a player’s total performance with an over/under line that the sportsbooks are setting for a player’s total combined points, rebounds and assists. Some sportsbooks also offer odds on a player to score double-double or triple-double in some games. This type of prop wager is not widely available, and it is usually restricted to the biggest NBA names. If you don’t have time to go so deep and analyze each player’s performance to find prop bet value, don’t worry, as our experts do daily. They are looking for the latest player stats, form, trends and matchups and compare all these info with the odds to see the best value on NBA player prop bets. When they find some, they will highlight them here on the NBA team prop bets dedicated page. 

What are the NBA Team Prop Bets?

NBA team prop bets focus on a team’s performance but not necessarily on the match’s outcome. The most common NBA team prop wagers are on a team’s points, that could be the first team to score or a race to 30 points, or it can also be an over/under line for one team’s points total. Team props are an excellent alternative to traditional NBA wagers, as they allow you to focus on the performance of one team rather than both. This is particularly useful if you have good knowledge about one of the two teams involved. 

Let us help you find the best NBA team props bets every day

With so many NBA games that are played every day, finding the best opportunities for NBA team props can be a difficult task, and it does take our expert cappers hours of research and analysis. Once they have all the data, they make sense of this with their years of experience to bring you the best free NBA team prop bets today. 

When Are Your Basketball Prop Bets Available?

Our NBA experts typically post their best Basketball Prop Bets daily during the NBA season. The NBA schedule is hectic, and there are plenty of games played every day, so our experts are working hard to ensure you get the best free NBA picks during the whole season. With so many matches and even more player vs player opportunities within each game, it takes lots of effort to find the best basketball prop bets today. So make sure to check out all our expert basketball props here on the NBA Prop Bets page and bookmark it so you can come back and check daily. You will find the best tips and plenty of analysis and reasoning to understand why our experts have taken these betting decisions.