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Football betting is very popular, and despite the NFL is undoubtedly leading the way, College Football is growing in popularity continuously. If you look at the US sportsbetting sites, you can see several betting markets available to wager on for every College Football game. 

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Here at BettingPicks4You, our main focus is to provide the best free analysis, picks and predictions on the NCAAF so that you can make the most of every betting opportunity. With hundreds of College Football games available every single week, there are plenty of chances of finding edges, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back regularly to avoid missing out on great potential wagers. Our College Football betting predictions as so popular as they are made by a team of expert cappers focusing exclusively on the NCAAF. In each of our previews, you will find suggested bets for against the spread and on the points totals, in addition to College Football Parlays, where we aim to reach big wins with a small stake. 

College Football Betting This Week

Considering the vast majority of the College Football season is played on Saturday, this is the day where you will find the majority of College Football betting picks for the week. We try to publish these a few days in advance to give everyone enough time to make their own minds on what to wager. We cover all the best college football action every week, including the National Championship Title Game. If you are serious about NCAAF betting, make sure you follow our experts continuously. In addition to College Football picks, you will also find the best odds for the selections we are suggesting and also the best offers and boosts from the leading and safest US betting sports betting sites.

College Football Online Betting

College football is very popular, and it is one of the most wagered sports in the USA. This means sportsbooks are putting a considerable effort to ensure they have an excellent college football betting produce online. With so many reliable US betting sites, the competition is fierce for them to acquire new college football bettors. This is great news for us as we can find specials every week, competitive odds, massive signup bonuses and lots of specialized betting markets to wager on. All the best US Online Sportsbook will have plenty of college football markets available every week, and our team of experts cappers are here to find the best value lines and flag to you opportunities when we think a sportsbook might be a little off with their prices. Not only do we provide college football betting advice, but we also highlight when we find great odds: so make sure you bookmark this page and come back regularly to avoid missing out on any College Football betting opportunities. 

College Football Live Betting

But college football betting doesn’t have to stop at kick-off. Live sports betting is becoming the norm among the best sportsbooks, and it is undoubtedly the next big thing in the US betting industry, being already trendy abroad. Being able to place a wager while you watch a sports game adds excitement and drag you directly into the action. Despite with live betting you don’t usually find the same depth of markets you would with pre-game college football bets, you would still be able to place wagers on the most popular lines like money line, spreads and totals. You will see lines moving very fast, so make sure you act quickly if you spot a potential opportunity. With College Football live betting developing fast, you might also find a selection of prop bets like touchdown scorers in the college football live betting section. So if you fancy something new, exciting and innovative, make sure to give college football a try when you sit down to enjoy your next big NCAAF game. 

Types of College Football Wagers

Since College Football is so popular when it comes to wagering, it is not surprising to see that there are many different ways you can bet on the sport. Our expert handicappers are here to help you during the whole season with the latest insights, picks, analyses so to make the most of the many wagering opportunities. To clarify any doubts, please find below the most popular types of NCAAF types of betting with an explanation of how they work. 

College Football Money Line Betting

The most straightforward way of betting on College Football is money line. A wager on the college football moneyline is a bet in which you predict which team will win a given match. It is as simple as that. The money line is sometimes not very popular when biggest schools take on smaller schools. Differently from the NFL where teams are more balanced, in college football sometimes the difference between teams is very significant, and it makes little sense to back a massive favourite to win the game. But, of course, there are also close games, like the conference play or the bowl season and the playoffs: in these situations, the money line is a much more viable option, even if the spread is still the most popular type of wager. 

College Football Against The Spread Betting

For the reasons explained above, college football against the spread betting is the most popular type of wager. With lack of parity between schools, betting the money line is not an option in many games, while the spread betting allows you to place a wager on a game with around -110 odds on either side of the line. This is because backing a favourite against the spread is a lot riskier than the money line, as some teams have to concede 20,30 or even 40 points in some cases. On the positive side, though, you get much bigger odds, making the wager worthwhile. Also, remember that with spread betting you don’t have to necessarily back the favourite, but you can also predict that the underdog will keep the game closer than expected. After all, some spreads are so wide that you might find that some smaller schools can cover despite the fact they will likely end up losing the game. This is even more true when some favourite teams pull their starters once the game win is pretty much secured. 

College Football Over Under Betting

When you are struggling to find value in money line or against the spread or simply don’t know who is going to prevail, you should look at the college football over-under betting. This type of wager takes the result out of the game, as you only need to focus on whether the total points scored during a college football match will be higher or lower than the line the sportsbooks have set. Let’s say that line is set at 75.5, and the game finishes 60-20. It means that you will win your bet if you back the over, and you will lose your wager if you back the under. Sometimes we see some wild scorerlines in college football, and there are every week great opportunities to find an edge in the overs and unders. Our expert cappers will provide picks for this wager, so make sure you bookmark this page to avoid missing out. 

College Football Player Prop Betting

Wagering on college football has evolved massively in recent times, and you can also wager on players’ performances during the game. The most popular player prop bet is on touchdown scorers. College football games are usually high-scoring affairs, so there are sometimes great opportunities to back a player to score the first touchdown or even 2 or more touchdowns. There are also other opportunities to wager on players as you can bet on the number of rushing, passing yards, receiving passes, and so on, with the lines set by the sportsbook in a similar way as we have seen in the over under college football betting. 

College Football Team Prop Betting

If you prefer to focus on college football teams performances rather than a single player, the college football team prop bets are for you. These types of wagers work similarly to the player prop bet, but you are predicting the stats of a whole team. Let’s say, for instance, you are not confident in the ability of both teams to score during a college football game: with college football team prop you can, for example, back on the overs unders total points scored by the team of your choice. This is particularly interesting if you foresee a team dominating, which frequently happens when bigger schools take on small ones. 

College Football Parlay Betting

With so many college football games every week, there are lots of opportunities to do college football parlay. A college football parlay is when you combine several selections, from different markets, into a single wager. Each of the selections’ odds are multiplied to calculate the final parlay odds in a parlay. This will generate very high payouts, however, the downside of a parlay is that if only one selection loses, the whole parlay will lose. So winning a college football parlay is not easy, yet there are great opportunities, and it is an entertaining way to try and win big, risking only small amounts. 

College Football Teaser Betting

College football teasers are still a parlay, but they are safer than a standard parlay. In a teaser wager, you move the lines of each leg in your favour so that it is a bit safer. The most popular one is a 7 point teaser, where lines are adjusted 7 points in your favour. As a result, winning is statistically easier, yet odds will also decrease compared with a regular parlay bet. 

College Football Futures Betting

College football betting never stops as there are plenty of college future markets that sports bettors can engage with from well before the season starts and right throughout the season. The most popular college football futures market is which team will win the National Championship. You can wager on a team to win the national championship immediately after the National Championship game of the previous term. Similarly, you can also try to predict which team will make the playoff: given that only 4 teams can qualify for post-season, the early odds typically carry some great value. Of course, you can also wager on players performances, as you can try to predict who will be the winner of the Heisman Trophy award. With so many teams involved and so many upsets during a regular college football season, opportunities to land a huge-price bet are endless. [/vc_column_text]