For the Love of the Game: Randiest U.S Sports Fans Revealed

There’s nothing quite like a game day. Travelling to watch your team play at home or away is one of life’s simple pleasures. But are some fans getting enjoyment from more than the game itself?

We surveyed 2,000 U.S sports fans to find out which fanbases are getting the ‘luckiest’ at game days.

Getting Lucky in the Stadium

Following on from the news in August that two Blue Jays fans were escorted out of the Rogers Centre stadium for sex acts, we asked how many of our respondents had ever done the ‘business’ in a stadium.

The results were certainly surprising, with an average of 6.5% of American’s saying they’ve had a sexual encounter while at a sports venue or stadium.

In terms of which fanbases are the most randy, there must be something in the water in Minnesota, as a staggering 17.13% of Minnesota United fans claimed to have gotten lucky at a sporting venue or stadium.

Arizona Cardinals fans came first out of all NFL fanbases with 15.83% getting lucky at a stadium, while Chicago Bull’s fans certainly had the ‘horn’, with 13.87% enjoying more than the sports on offer.

The full top 10 can be viewed in the table below:

Playing Away from Home

While it’s one thing getting action at games, it’s another thing altogether if you’re cheating on your partner.

To find out the most unfaithful fans in the U.S, we asked how many had cheated on their partner or spouse while out of town following their team.

Shockingly, an average of 17.23% said they had cheated on a partner while on a weekend away following their team, with Minnesota United fans once again topping the charts with almost a THIRD saying they’ve been unfaithful while away on a game weekend.

Five of the Top 10 fanbases were NHL teams, so if you’re partner says they’re having a weekend away, be worried!

Reasons for Cheating

When asking the fanbases who did cheat, why they did so, the most popular response was Alcohol Intoxication (44.32%), followed by celebrating their team winning 23.6%.

Rather worryingly, 7.81% said they cheated following an argument back home, so make sure you’re on good terms with your partner before they go away supporting their team for the weekend and pray that their team doesn’t win!

Data and Methodology:

Survey of 2,000 U.S Sports fans from the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLS during August 2022. If you’d like to share this post or its content with your readers or friends, you are welcome to do so. Please be sure you include attribution though, by linking to this study.

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