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NHL Futures Predictions

Key Stat: The Avalanche are second season in a row the biggest favorite to win the finals 2022/23

Tip Reasoning

  • The Avalanche got the second-best record in the previous season finishing with 56-26
  • The Avalanche went 16-4 in the post-season
  • The Avalanche beat the Lightning with 4-2 to become the new Stanley Cup 2022 Champions

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The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup 2022 finals against the Lightning after 6 games and it seems a bright future is in front of this franchise. The Avalanche lost only 4 games in the post-season. On the road to the finals they only lost two games, and the two that came against the Lightning in the finals. This was more than enough for the Avalanche to claim the title and become the best team in the NHL. Now there are a lot of things in front of them, before the start of the new season that is scheduled for 11th October.

The NHL is ready to proceed with 82 games and the bookmaker’s early odds offered Avalanche as the main favorite. The Avalanche were the biggest favorites for winning this season’s title and they delivered. From the start to the end they had the second-best record in the regular season and in the playoffs, they went 16-4 for a final 4-2 win against the Lightning.

The Champions need to consider their attack since they have problems with the salary cap and they might be limited, and they have some of their main starts and very important figures that brought the title to Denver as unrestricted free agents. However, backing the Avalanche to repeat will be hard but it can be worth investing in for the future.

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Key Stat: The Lightning finished 5th in the Eastern Conference in the regular season but made it to the finals

Tip Reasoning

  • The Lightning played three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals in the previous three seasons
  • The Lightning were back-to-back champions before losing to Avalanche in their third Stanley Cup Finals appearance
  • The Lightning is once again in the top 5 favorites to win the next season championship

The Tampa Bay Lightning came out as losers in this season’s finals failing short against the Avalanche. This was 3rd season in a row to make it to the finals for the Lightning but it was as successful as the previous two. The Back to back champions tried to three-peat the winning of the Stanley Cup 2022 Finals but Avalanche proved to be the strongest team this season.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are 4th favorite for winning the title in the next season and they come right after the Avalanche, Maple Leafs, and Panthers. The Lightning will open the season with a re-match against the Rangers and they will have time to figure out the squad that will lead them to another final, the fourth in a row. However, it will be a tough task and the bookmakers already know this. However, having a team that is three times in a row in the big finals must be a top 5 favorite to win the next season’s championship.

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