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Make sure to bookmark this page, where you will find our NFL computer picks for every week of the NFL season. Our supercomputer generates our NFL computer picks after he has been fed with the latest facts and figures to produce the best, stats-based, unbiased NFL projections for every game of the season. Get here the free NFL Computer predictions for all the most popular wagering markets, and find out why they are so popular. Enjoy the best performing NFL computer picks wholly free and look at the highlighted best value predictions.

Latest NFL Computer Picks


Today - 6:30 PM ET

CIN Bengals

KC Chiefs


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Computer Predicted Score

20 - 30

Computer Pick Spreads

Chiefs -1.5 @ -110

$50 RETURNS $95

Computer Pick Totals

Over 49 @ -110

$50 RETURNS $95

Computer Pick Moneyline

Chiefs @ -120

$50 RETURNS $90

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What are NFL Computer Picks?

Computer Predictions or Computer Picks are selections of who might win an NFL match, made by a computer which has followed calculations based on an algorithm. With the increased number of stats available on team and player historical performances, it is now much easier to provide computers with powerful data to analyze to produce reliable NFL computer picks. The available data is typically fed to an algorithm or equation to determine what outcome is the most probable. These calculations are then presented as the Picks from the Computer. To make the predictions more accurate, the computer is asked to simulate the game thousands of times with the results published on this page. 

How our NFL Computer Picks works

Every NFL prediction site will have its algorithm and use different ways to set up the computer to deliver the best results. Here we have developed our own and tested it in the last two years with the help of some of the best experts in this area. We have created a process where we feed a vast amount of raw data for NFL teams and players, which our experts rank in importance. After that, our prediction engine runs thousands of simulation for every NFL game and come up with the most probable outcome. We then publish our Computer Picks for Moneyline, Over/Under and Against the Spread for all the NFL games of the season. 

How To Use Our NFL Computer Picks

You can use our free NFL Computer Picks in many different ways. However, we like to keep things simple, and for this kind of pick, we are only limited to Moneyline, Spread, score prediction and Totals markets. This is because we have the biggest amount of data for these wager types, and we can run more simulations, meaning the results have been more accurate from our tests. It is quality over quantity for our Computer picks, as this is what our readers want! 

Find here all the latest NFL computer picks

So for each NFL game, you will find our NFL computer picks, and we will also highlight the predictions that have the best value when combining the simulations with the real-time odds available. To make the most of our NFL computer picks, make sure to check our latest sportsbook offers and bonuses page, where you will find plenty of sign up bonuses and other offers from leading, safe and legal online sportsbooks in the US. 

NFL Computer Pick Score Predictions

Computer pick score predictions are one of the most popular NFL computer picks. After being fed with a massive wealth of statistics, our supercomputer crunched the numbers to predict how the game might be going and what are the expected points delivered by each team. Then, thanks to our proprietary algorithm and machine learning prediction engine, our supercomputer can compare our stats-based predictions with the latest sportsbook’s odds to find the biggest value, be it on the Moneyline, Totals or Spread betting. 

Moneyline NFL Computer Picks

Without any doubt, this is the most popular NFL betting market, and it is the simplest one to understand. The same applies to our NFL computer picks. All you need to predict is which team will win the match, and our computerized picks can help you in this task. For every NFL game of the season, you will find here the latest prediction from our supercomputer. Simply look at the tables on this page to find out what is the money line pick for the NFL game of your choice. 

Over/Under NFL Computer Picks

The Over/Under prediction is also very popular. In this market, our computer picks predict if the total points scored will be over or under the figure that the sportsbooks have determined. Over/under refers to the total score of both teams combined at the final whistle. Similarly to the previous picks, in this case, our NFL computer picks are delivered after thousands of simulations made by the algorithm fed with the most up-to-date points data. 

Against the Spread NFL Computer Picks

Against the spread is also a top betting market when it comes to the NFL. In this case, you must choose which team will be able to cover the spread. If you pick the favourite, the team will need to win and overcome the negative figure assigned to it. If you back the underdog, the team would either need to win outright or lose with an inferior margin to the points added. Against the Spread is a tough market to secure a profit, but our NFL computer picks can give you some good help as they are based on a massive number of data and thousands of simulations. 

When you should use Computer Picks & Predictions

It depends on the bettor, but there are several reasons why our NFL Computer Picks and Predictions are so popular. First of all, computer picks are unbiased and take emotion away from the equation. NFL Computer predictions are just based on facts, data and simulations. Numbers drive the whole thing with no human intervention. Computer picks are also appreciated as they are fast. Although the data fed to the computer is massive, our prediction engine can run plenty of match simulations simultaneously. This means that we can publish picks and predictions for all matches well in advance for bettors to have the time to review them and use them if they want to. Another advantage of the computer speed is that we can quickly respond to new data on any team and players, making sure we only run the simulations when we have the best and latest stats available.