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NFL Future: Coach Of The Year Predictions & Picks

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NFL Coach Of The Year Futures Predictions

Key Stat: Brandon Staley led the Chargers to 9-7 campaign in his first season as a head-coach

Tip Reasoning

  • The Chargers lost 35-32 against the Raiders in Week 18, which costed them a playoffs and Staley was blamed for the defeat
  • Before appointed as head coach by Chargers he worked for the Bears, Broncos and Rams as a coach and coordinator
  • Brandon Staley is a leading candidate to win the Coach of the Year award this season

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After failing to reach the playoffs last season, Los Angeles Chargers are looking forward of the new season that approaches in two weeks. The teams head coach Brandon Staley got stronger team as the managers gave the defense a fresh blood for the upcoming games. Brandon Staley is one of the head coaches this season that will be under great pressure to deliver results. The Chargers are aiming to win the AFC West Division this season and this might be a huge expectation considering they have the Chiefs in the same division. High expectation brings high pressure always and Brandon Staley will have to think about what is best to do to bring results for the team.

Brandon Staley is young head coach that is second year with the Chargers. Some of the media already see him fired at the end of this season. This is a lot confusing as some other medias consider him as one of the main favorites for the Coach Of the Year award this season. And this can be big as we believe that he can guide the Chargers to a successful campaign this season. He has a good defense, a leading star QB in Justin Herbert and should he figures out to improve the offense we believe there are good chances of him to win the coach of the year this season.

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Key Stat: Kyle Shanahan and his father Mike, became the first father and son duo to reach the Superbowl

Tip Reasoning

  • Kyle Shanahan is third coach in NFL history to reach 8-0 in a season after previous season start with 0-8
  • Shanahan and his father led the 49ers to 10-7 reaching the playoffs with a wild card
  • Kyle Shanahan won the Coach Of the Year in 2020

Kyle Shanahan is another young head coach that will face a huge pressure this season. After previously serving as a coach and offensive coordinator for plenty of teams including Buccaneers, Texans, Commanders, Browns and Falcons, he was appointed as head coach for San Francisco 49ers back in 2017. This will be his fifth season as their head coach and the expectations are more than high this season. He is owing his coaching career to his father after being guided by him, he started working as NFL coach. In the past he refused several roles to work under his father because he wanted to build a career himself without the help. Once he got his name in the NFL he accepted to work under his father and accepted the offensive coordinator role for Washington Commanders with his father as a head coach there.

This is a young coach but still he has over 15 years experience in the NFL. Last season the 49ers failed short for the Superbowl after losing 20-17 to later the champions Rams in the semi-finals. It is believed that Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers got what it takes to attempt for another strong season and try to move step forward in it. With Kyle Shanahan as their head-coach we also believe that the 49ers will have a huge campaign and this qualifies him as a head coach of the year, an award that he should seriously consider.

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