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NFL Futures Picks 2022: Teams To Make the NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoff Predictions: Best bets on teams to make the playoffs in 2022

Finally, the 2022 NFL season isn’t far away. When the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams meet each other on September 8, the lengthy battle for the Lombardi Trophy officially begins. Both which teams will improve and which ones will regress this fall?

It’s time to discuss potential franchises who could make the playoffs in 2022 now that the majority of offseason changes have been made. It appears that a few team have been underestimated by the market when you look at the odds. Before the season begins, let’s look at the top futures wagers. Let’s focus here on NFL Playoff best bets and see what our NFL Playoff predictions.

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Key Reason: As long as Lamar Jackson and the offensive line stay healthy, they should run like a well-oiled machine and make the NFL playoff.

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This line has been progressively rising over the last three weeks, and it’s understandable why. Simply put, this price indicates that the oddsmakers have low expectations for the Ravens.

This team has a long history of success. They’re likely to make the playoffs this year because everyone is talented and the coaches are good. One injury-filled season doesn’t change that.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are unquestionably underrated heading into this season because they missed the playoffs the previous year. Baltimore’s offensive line and key defensive units have been upgraded, so they will be able to exert the same level of control over games as they did in 2019 and 2020.

Baltimore were still above average in EPA per play, offensive success rate, and red zone efficiency in 2021 despite not having a complete NFL squad. Now that their offensive line is healthy and they have a variety of running backs to complement Jackson, the Ravens should function like a well-oiled machine come autumn. It’s a sure thing that Baltimore will make the playoffs as long as its key players remain healthy.

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Key Reason: As long as Cook and Jefferson don’t get injured, the Vikings are expected to be one of the protagonists for a wild card spot.

The NFC is fairly open this season, which may be to Minnesota’s advantage more than it is to any other team. The Vikings failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2021 as a result of a number of close losses. However, this squad has talent, and Mike Zimmer’s exit might have been exactly what Minnesota needed.

Kirk Cousins has proven that he is a capable quarterback throughout the regular season, and the Vikings still have very excellent players in Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson. Cousins, who was among the top 10 for EPA per pass in 2021, should not be undervalued.

Minnesota’s defense suffered a great deal last season, but if everyone remains healthy this fall, that team ought to be better. The Vikings also have a somewhat favorable schedule.

They first compete against teams from other divisions, including the Dolphins, Commanders, Jets, and Giants. Additionally, Minnesota have matches with the Patriots, Colts, and Cardinals, all of which are winnable. The Vikings should be a contender for a wild card place, provided that Cook and Jefferson stay healthy.

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