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NFL Futures 2022: Predictions On The Potentials Disappointing Franchises

NFL Futures 2022 Predictions

Finally, the 2022 NFL season is approaching. On September 8, the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams will square off in the first round of the Lombardi Trophy race. In addition to predicting which teams will succeed in autumn, we can also forecast which teams will regress disappoint.

It’s time to talk about a few franchise that might regress in 2022 now that most offseason changes have been made. There are a few division champions from the previous season who are likely to underperform. These teams might not make the playoffs. Before the season begins, let’s look at the teams to watch out for.

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Key Reason: The AFC South is still not a dominant force, but the other 3 clubs improved during the offseason

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The Tennessee Titans are the first team I have flagged for regression. Last season, the Titans found a way to beg, borrow, and swindle their way up to the top seed. Because the AFC was weaker, Tennessee profited by winning a bad division. And while the AFC South is still not a dominant force, the other 3 clubs improved during the offseason. Although Houston is still developing, the Texans aimed to get better through the draft. Trevor Lawrence ought to perform significantly better in year 2 since Jacksonville will no longer be dealing with Urban Meyer. In addition, the Colts’ defense strengthened as Matt Ryan replaced Carson Wentz.

The Titans declined, despite no improvement in their division. Treylon Burks was drafted, which is a good choice, but A.J. Brown was traded for a meager return. Additionally, Ryan Tannehill has been the subject of negative criticism this summer, and losing a significant weapon won’t make matters better. Those tight matches Tennessee won last season will end in defeat if Derrick Henry performs less than brilliantly. I prefer betting on the Colts to take home the AFC South title and the Titans to be eliminated from the playoffs.

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Key Reason: The AFC North may be weaker without Deshaun Watson, but the Bengals’ schedule will still be challenging

The Cincinnati Bengals are our next club that might experience some setback. The Bengals, in my opinion, accomplished almost everything correctly this past offseason. The defending AFC champions focused on their secondary during the draft while pursuing moves to fix their catastrophic offensive line from the previous season. I didn’t feel like Joe Burrow’s and Cincinnati’s offensive success was a coincidence, and all of the essential components are still in place. Having said that, the Bengals were also incredibly fortunate the previous season. The Steelers were striving to win games without a quarterback, Cleveland was beset by inconsistency, and Baltimore was decimated by injuries. In 2022, Cincinnati may face a few more difficulties.

Without Deshaun Watson, the AFC North may be weaker, but the Bengals’ schedule will still be challenging. Cincinnati’s first away games are against non-conference opponents in New Orleans, Dallas, and Tampa Bay. In a 6-week period, the Bengals play matches against the Bills, Chiefs, Titans, and Patriots, teams that are not even in their division. While I anticipate Cincinnati to compete for a playoff place, I would rather bet on a Ravens squad that is totally healthy to win the conference. This is why backing the Bengals not to make the playoff looks too good to be ignored.

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Key Reason: The Chargers, in my opinion, have the most offensive capabilities and made substantial offseason defensive improvements

Our disappointing candidates are completed by the Kansas City Chiefs. In recent years, it hasn’t exactly been beneficial to wager against Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs squad this season, in my opinion, will face more challenges than any previous in the Mahomes tenure. Tyreek Hill’s absence will be noticed on offense since Kansas City’s passing attack was fueled by his game-breaking speed. Travis Kelce remains Mahomes’ comfort blanket, but without defenses having to focus as much on Hill, the Chiefs’ other receiving options will be put to the test.

Before placing a futures wager on Kansas City, take into account the AFC West’s overall improvement. The quarterback pool in this division, which is the finest in football, may be the best in any division. Each of the four franchises, from top to bottom, has a chance to reach the postseason, and I wouldn’t rule out any of them winning the division. The Chargers, in my opinion, have the most offensive capabilities and made substantial offseason defensive improvements. I like to wager on this division by discounting Kansas City and backing the Chargers for this reason.

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