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NFL Futures: Best MVP Selections For Regular Season

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NFL Futures Predictions

Key Stat: Patrick Mahomes is a 4x ProBowl

Tip Reasoning

  • Patrick Mahomes is 50-13 in his career
  • Mahomes led the Chiefs to a 12-5 season last year
  • Mahomes is a 2018 MVP

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Josh Allen is predicted a number one favorite to win the MVP award this season. By this the pressure is huge on him and the entire Buffalo Bills team since they are favorites to win the Superbowl this season. This is not a surprise but they haven’t been favorites like this in the previous seasons. There are always another 5-6 teams that are involved as main favorites and it can always be messy at the end. Remembering the last season for example where nobody predicted the Bengals to reach the Superbowl.

Patrick Mahomes is the second favorite for this prestigious award. Mahomes is one of the leading stars in the league in the most recent years. This guy has 5 seasons in the NFL behind him and already has 4x ProBowl appearances, led the Chiefs to win in the Superbowl and this only at the age of 26. This guy according to us if stays healthy has the best chances to win the MVP award once again, for the second time in his career. With him on the court, Chiefs are always favorite to win it all. The odds are more than good to back him and this is our first selection for MVP regular season award.

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Key Stat: Dak Prescott is an offensive rookie of the year back from 2016

Tip Reasoning

  • Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to 12-5 season last year
  • Dak Prescott missed most of the 2020 season with dislocated ankle injury
  • Dak Prescott records 10 comebacks and 17 game-winning drives in his career

Dak Prescott led the Dallas Cowboys to a 12-5 season last season and the whole franchise and even the team are looking to move forward with bigger ambitious than last season. The Cowboys finished the post-season to early as they have been eliminated in the first round. The 49ers beat the Cowboys with a 23-17 with the Cowboys failing to concentrate on the most important game for that season.

The new season should bring a step forward for the Cowboys and we believe they can do at least at the same level as the past season. The Cowboys QB Dak Prescott missed most of the 2020 season and he got injured last season too in the game 6 against the Patriots. Despite this he came back and overall after being injured in the middle of the season, at the end he provided us a pure football and reached awesome stats behind his back for that season.

This season he is ready to go and even himself twitted that he is more than ready to enter the new challenge. He feels that his body and himself feel a lot more better and prepared than he has been last season. We are backing the Cowboys leader to win the MVP this season.

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