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NFL Futures: Best Picks For AFC and NFC East Division

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AFC East & NFC East Futures Predictions

Key Stat: The Bills are number 1 favorite to win the SuperBowl LVII this season

Tip Reasoning

  • The Patriots are looking for a step forward this season after reaching playoffs last season without Tom Brady
  • The Miami Dolphins are the second favorite in the AFC East Division
  • The New York Jets perhaps can do better than 4-13 this season

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The AFC East Division has one of the biggest favorites to win the Superbowl this season. In fact, the AFC East has the biggest favorite in Buffalo Bills as they are +600 favorites which is the lowest odds for a team to win the Superbowl LVII this season. For this reason the Bills are an absolute favorite to win the AFC East Division in front of their opponents. New York Jets, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins are in the same division with the Bills.

Since Bills are heavy favorites to win the first position in the regular season in the AFC East Division, we took a review of the other teams that will battle for the second position. New England Patriots in post Tom Brady era had a fine season last year. The Patriots finished with 10-7 in the regular season but they lost to Bills with 47-17 in the first game of the playoffs. This is something that made them believe that they can do a step forward this season.

The Miami Dolphins also had a fine season finishing below the Patriots with a 9-8 score. The Dolphins won 4 of their last 5 games in the regular season, and they could have been in the playoffs if they had a better start of the season. This is something they know and they will probably try to improve this season.

Finally the Jets finished as a top 5 worst team in the league. Seems that they will never improve and with the score they had last season they can do exactly that. Improve. The Jets finished with 4-13 record and we will see how they will respond this season.

With all this on mind, our final thought and pick decision went on the New England Patriots to win the second position in the AFC East Division.

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Key Stat: The Cowboys went on a 12-5 season last year but lost to the 49 in the first game of the playoffs

Tip Reasoning

  • The Eagles finished second in the NFC East Division with a 9-8 score
  • The Washington Football Team, or nowadays, Washington Commanders went on a 7-10 campaign last season
  • The Giants finished with 4-13, same as the other team from New York and this was the second worst result in the NFL

With the NFC East Division decision on who will win the first position we would like to take a good review first. This division haven’t gave us a serious contender recently and this might be same case this season. The four teams that will compete in this division are Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, Philadelphia Eagles and the other team from New York, the Giants. The Giants were as much terrible as their city compadres Jets and they both finished with 4-13 score last season. So if you are a NFL fan and you live in New York, no matter which team you support, you will want a lot better showing from the team you support. If you a season ticket holder, definitely the money should be worth, but not if this happens again this season.

The Cowboys and the Eagles are predicted to have the battle for the first position in this division. The Cowboys are for sure the first favorites and they will not have a lot of space for mistakes. The Eagles will be right behind the corner and they will want to take the first position for themselves. It is expected the Cowboys quarterback and leader Dak Prescott to have another good season so the Cowboys to make a step forward. A 12-5 season is not a joke but failing in the first round in the post season is, especially when you have the 12-5 season. This is something the Cowboys will want to forget and go even further in the playoffs.

The other teams, Commanders, Eagles and Giants does not seem that they have the quality to compete with the Cowboys, except maybe the Eagles. The Commanders will also want a better season and perhaps they will have one but for this division we decided to back the Cowboys to win it.

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