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NFL Futures: Comeback Player of the Year Predictions

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Comeback Player of the Year Predictions

Key Stat: Derrick Henry is a top favorite for comeback player of the year

Tip Reasoning

  • Henry missed nine games in 2021
  • Henry missed most of the season because of a broken foot
  • The Titans running back still led the team in rushing

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We have previewed the upcoming 2022 NFL season for the last few weeks, and now we are looking at some specific future bets. Today we are seeing what odds are on comeback player of the year. Derrick Henry is the best odds of winning the award in 2022. Henry missed 9 games last year with a broken foot. Even though he only played 8 games, Henry still led the Titans in rushing last season with 937 rushing yards. Along with the 937 rushing yards, Henry had 10 rushing touchdowns while averaging 117 rushing yards a game.

Henry has been one of the most dominant running backs in the NFL for the last several years. The Titans weakness has always been their passing attack, and coach Vrabel prefers running the ball, time of possession, and a defensive team. So when Henry is healthy, he is always leaned on heavily with a high amount of rushing carries per game. The type of injury Henry had, a broken foot, generally doesn’t affect a player’s performance the next year, as an Achilles tear would. Since Henry had the entire off-season to let his foot heal and get back in shape, we see no reason why the Titans running back won’t have a big year.

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Tip Reasoning

Key Stat: Jameis Winston is one of the favorites for comeback player of the year

  • Winston is coming back from an ACL tear last season
  • The Saints QB played 7 games last year
  • Winston threw for 1,170 yards before he was injured

Another candidate for comeback player of the year in 2022 will be Jameis Winston. Winston will be coming off an ACL tear on the last day of October last season, so he will attempt to come back in less than a year’s time from the injury. Winston is an interesting candidate for comeback player of the year, because of the severity and timing of the injury. ACL tears can sometimes take a while for players to be fully comfortable coming back from, even after their ok’d to play. The question is whether this affects a quarterback as much as a running back or wide receiver.

The second unknown is Winston will be trying to regain rhythm with a player that could also be a candidate for comeback player of the year, wide receiver Michael Thomas. Thomas is by far the Saints best wide receiver, but he missed all of last season with an ankle injury, so will he be healthy enough to help out the wide receivers and Jameis Winston this year? Winston is the second favorite to win the award, with plus odds around +400. Time will tell whether Henry or Winston can win the award, but our prediction is Derrick Henry will get a ton of carries and earn the award this winter.

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