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NFL Futures: Dallas Cowboys 2022 Season Predictions

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Dallas Cowboys Season Predictions

Key Stat: Dallas won the NFC East in 2021

Tip Reasoning

  • Cowboys lost their best receiver in Amari Cooper
  • Is Ezekiel Elliott still a top running back?
  • Head Coach Mike McCarthy enters 2nd season as Cowboys coach

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The Dallas Cowboys come into the 2022 season off a fairly successful 2021 campaign that saw them win the NFC Division crown but then proceed to fall flat on their face in the post-season. If the Cowboys are going to improve on their 12-5 regular season, they need to prove they can withstand the losses on offense and keep scoring points. Losing Amari Cooper and Cedric Wilson at the wide receiver position is a big blow to this offense. Along with the two wide receivers, they also lost arguably their best offensive linemen in La’el Collins as well. Seeing how this offense responds will go a long way to determining how many wins they stack up.

Wide-spread opinion across the NFL landscape is the NFC East teams all got better this offseason, which will make the division more daunting. In the first ten weeks of the season, the Cowboys start their first two games with Tampa Bay and Cincinnati at home, then travel to face the Rams and Eagles cross country in weeks 5 & 6, and after their bye, face the Packers in Green Bay. When you mix in divisional games in between those games, you can see how the Cowboys could struggle to be at 4-5 after week 10. The Over/Under for Dallas is 10.5 wins for the regular season. We already talked about how improved the Eagles should be and that some are picking them to win the NFC East. We think the Cowboys will take a step back this season amidst their offseason losses and finish the season with an 8-9 record, so we are taking Under 10.5 wins for Dallas.

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Tip Reasoning

Key Stat: Cowboys were bottom half of league in defensive yards

  • Cowboys led the league in turnover rate in 2021
  • Dallas led the league in offensive yards per game
  • Cowboys were second in the league in passing yards per game

The second bet we are going to look at for the Cowboys is the odds of making the playoffs. Right now, they are favored to make the playoffs for 2022, but when you dig deeper into the numbers, the smarter money might be on them missing the postseason. Dallas was 12-5 last season, but they had a lot of things go their way. First, Dallas led the league in turnover rate. Now, that definitely has something to do with talent, but the ball bouncing your way also plays a part in that. Rarely do teams lead the league in turnover rate two years in a row. The Cowboys offense led the league in passing yards per game and overall offensive yards per game. However, they lost their two best receivers from last year and one of their best offensive linemen, so how far will that offense fall back in 2022? The odds for Dallas missing the playoffs leave you the opportunity to make some good money. Seeing how Dallas rarely makes the playoffs back to back years in a row, and the odds being a +240 with some books, leads us to believe it’s a smart bet with a high upside. We will take the Cowboys to miss the playoffs for 2022.

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