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NFL Futures: Defensive Player Of The Year Predictions & Picks

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NFL Futures Predictions

Key Stat: Aaron Donald won the DPOY three times in the last 5 seasons

Tip Reasoning

  • Aaron Donald is 8x Bro Bowler and 7x All Pro superstar
  • Since he started his NFL career in 2014 he was always a top 5 DPOY
  • Aaron Donald has 98 sacks in his NFL career

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Aaron Donald the famous name in the NFL is coming back with another season for the Rams. The 31-year-old helped the Rams lift the title last season and after many speculations regarding his retirement or not, he is back for a new campaign with the defending champion.

Aaron Donald is never a bad idea for picking as a defensive player of the year. He won this award three times in the last 5 seasons. We said that he helped the Rams to lift the trophy last season and when se said that we meant about the two sacks he got against the Bengals. Donald had a big impact for the Rams last season and they will welcome back again in their new campaign as a defending champion.

Aaron Donald is main candidate for the Defensive Player of the Year, or with some of the bookmakers he is tied with Myles Garrett and TJ Watt. We will never skip this guy for a competition as this one is and we will proceed with our first future pick of this type with him being a +750 favorite number one to win this prestigious award.

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Key Stat: TJ Watt is the youngest of the brothers Watt

Tip Reasoning

  • TJ Watt is a reigning Defensive Player of the Year
  • TJ Watt is a 4x Pro Bowler and 3x All Pro
  • TJ Watt tied the record for most sacks in NFL history after finishing last season with 22.5 sacks

The Watt family, three brothers who are definitely writing history in the NFL as one of the most successful families that played this game are heading for another campaign. The youngest of the brothers, TJ Watt is a reigning defensive player of the season and we are looking forward of seeing him again dominating the Steelers defense. TJ Watt tied the record in the NFL with 22.5 sacks in a single season which is the best record in the history of the NFL.

TJ Watt is listed among the top 3 guys that are favored to win one of the biggest individual rewards in the NFL. Along with Aarond Donald from the Rams and Myles Garett from the Browns are leading candidates for this category. It can never be a bad choice to back your wagers on him as in his five season in the NFL he has been a 4x Pro Bowler, and 3 times top 3 defender in the league. His reward for his attitude on the field came last year as he finally took the reward as a defensive player of the year after previously finishing on the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. The +800 odds to back him are more than generous and we are going with this selection.

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