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NFL Futures: Defensive Rookie Of the Year Predictions & Picks

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NFL Predictions

Key Stat: Aidan Hutchinson is 2nd pick overall drafted in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft

Tip Reasoning

  • The 22-year-old defender is about to have immediate impact in the Lions defensive line
  • Aidan Hutchinson’s sister was crowned Miss Michigan for 2022
  • Aidan Hitchinson was named the Heisman Trophy runner-up in 2021

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The Lions had the second pick on the 2022 draft this year and they selected Aidan Hutchinson. Detroit Lions seem like they are happy with what they got so far as Aidan Hutchinson is the defender they have needed. This young guy is handling the pressure of being the 2nd pick of the 2022 draft selected in the first round just fine. Aidan Hutchinson is promoting himself already as a leader of the Lions defense and we would love to see his development in the league.

Aidan Hutchinson is a leading candidate to get the Defensive Rookie of the Year award for the upcoming season. Only three Lions players have won this prestigious award and the latest award that went to a Lions player was back in 2010. The Lions are rebuilding and we should not expect a miracle this season. However they are on a good way with a young squad and we should see a better performances than those that they had last season. Aidan Hutchinson is a good choice to back for a DROY award and him claiming that he is more than ready to enter the rookie season in the NFL just confirms his attitude. If this guy stays healthy we should see a great season of the newcomer.

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Key Stat: Travon Walker was named 1st pick overall by Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2022 draft

Tip Reasoning

  • Travon Walker had car accident prior to the NFL 2022 draft
  • Travon Walker had 1 QB sacks vs 6 teams in 2021
  • Travon Walker had 5 tackles vs Kentucky in 2021

Travon Walker was the center of the attention in the 2022 NFL draft selection. This 21-year-old outside linebacker was named as a number 1 overall draft pick in 2022 draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The defender is a top talent for the NFL and will have his impact immediate in the starting lineup in this team. The Jaguars are rebuilding as well and they for sure have high expectations by their newest draft acquisition. The rumors were that the Jaguars had a dilemma should they chose Travon Walker or Aidan Hutchinson who went second on the draft selected by Detroit Lions. However the Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said that they have always wanted Travon Walker to be their selection.

With some impressive performance in the college playing for Upson Lee most recently in 2021 he draw the attention to the NFL teams. The Jaguars rushed to select Walker as they first choice in the draft and they are already proud of their choice. Travon Walker qualifies to be top three contestant for DROY and among with his follower Aidan Hutchinson who went with the Lions are expected to make immediate impact in the NFL. With them praised by the coaches and the public we will back both of them to be top candidates for winning DROY for the upcoming NFL season.

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