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NFL Futures: Most Receiving Yards Picks

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NFL Futures: Most Receiving Yards Predictions

Key Stat: Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson has the best odds

Tip Reasoning

  • Vikings Jefferson will benefit from a new offensive-minded head coach
  • Jefferson had 1,616 receiving yards last year
  • Jefferson had 108 receptions on 167 targets

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We are continuing our countdown to the 2022 NFL Season by looking at another Futures bet. Today we see who has the best chance to receive the most yards in the upcoming season. It seems like every year; this bet is more wide open than any other because of the quality of receivers in the league and the pass-first offenses that are so prevalent in the league. Justin Jefferson has as good a chance as any receiver, which is why he is the odds-on favorite.

Jefferson has what every good receiver needs: good chemistry with his quarterback, veteran Kirk Cousins. The Vikings QB loves to throw deep play-action passes, which fits into Jefferson’s deep route running. The Vikings also have an excellent second receiver in Adam Thielen, which keeps teams from double-teaming Jefferson as much. The fact that Minnesota was a run-heavy team last year and Jefferson still ended up with over 1,600 yards receiving is a good indicator that in a pass-first offense, Jefferson should easily match that total.

Right now, Justin Jefferson is a +800 to have the most receiving yards at the end of the season, which tells you how wide open this race will be. Jefferson certainly has the talent around him, the new offensive head coach, and the skill to have the most receiving yards, so we agree he should be the favorite to start the season.

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Tip Reasoning

Key Stat: Ja’Marr Chase has good value as 4th best odds to have most receiving yards

  • Ja’Marr Chase had 1,455 receiving yards in 2021
  • Chase had 81 receptions in 128 targets
  • Chase will be in his second season in the league

We wanted to find a receiver with great value for our second wide receiver to look at for most receiving yards this season. Cooper Kupp is second for the Rams, but we think L.A. will be ahead in many games, so they may resort to running the ball more. Chase comes in with the 4th best odds, with some as high as +1200 for him to have the most receiving yards!

Chase was so good last year; some people may forget it was his rookie season. Chase and his former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow had immediate chemistry and set the AFC North on fire. The Bengals will look to prove their Super Bowl appearance was not a fluke and have to do that in the ultra-tough AFC. One benefit for Chase may be the Bengals will have to play against so many great teams in the conference that they may find themselves down in more games than other teams, so they’ll need to throw the ball more to make up for it. We think Chase has a great opportunity to lead the league in receiving yards this year, but for our pick, we will go with the favorite, Justin Jefferson.

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