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NFL Futures: San Francisco 49ers 2022 Season Predictions & Picks

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San Francisco 49ers Season Predictions

Key Stat: San Francisco was 10-7 in 2021 season

Tip Reasoning

  • The 49ers were third in the NFC West in 2021
  • San Francisco lost in the NFC Championship game
  • Last years starting QB Garoppolo was made available for a trade

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The San Francisco 49ers are trying to duplicate a very impressive 2021 campaign that saw them come one game short of the super bowl. San Francisco was led by a dominant defense and mediocre offense that saw them get beat by their division rival Los Angeles Rams in the conference championship game.

San Francisco is in a more peculiar situation than most teams this close to a new season. With their second-year quarterback Trey Lance waiting in the wings, they have decided to publicly announce they are looking to trade last years starter, veteran Jimmy Garoppolo. Trading a quarterback that started basically the entire season last year and helped your team get to the NFC championship game is a rare situation. This move speaks to the fact the 49ers organization believes Garoppolo has hit a ceiling and can’t take the offense any further with his limitations, plus the unique skill set that Trey Lance can bring to the position.

The first future bet we are looking at for the 49ers is the season win total. The Over/Under is 9.5 wins for San Francisco, and when you look at their schedule for the first half of the season, you see why it may be lower than people expect. The first eight games of the season see the Niners play the super bowl champion LA Rams twice, the Kansas City Chiefs, and an away game at a much improved Denver Broncos team. With Trey Lance sitting most of his rookie year, this will be his de-facto rookie season as he is handed the reigns to the franchise. We think there will be a regression because of the inexperience of Lance, so we are taking the Under 9.5 wins for San Francisco, as we’re predicting a 7-10 season.

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Tip Reasoning

Key Stat: 49ers had the third-best defense in the league in 2021

  • San Francisco gave up the sixth-fewest passing yards per game last year
  • 49ers gave up the seventh-fewest rushing yards per game last year
  • San Francisco has pro-bowl players at every level of defense

The strength of San Francisco’s team last year was their defense. With the change at the quarterback position for the upcoming season, it is reasonable to expect the offense to take a step back in 2022. The 49ers will depend on playmaking wide receiver Deebo Samuel to try to take some pressure off Trey Lance. San Francisco will also replace three offensive linemen from last season, which will be key in protecting Lance in his first full season.

Dealing with the super bowl champs in your own division and an improving Arizona Cardinals team means the Niners may take a step back for 2022. The second futures bet we are looking at is San Francisco missing the playoffs. The value for this futures bet is good, with most odds giving you +180 for the 49ers to miss the postseason. We think San Francisco will struggle more this season than last, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to cash in on a plus odds bet. We are gonna take the 49ers to miss the playoffs.

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