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NFL Futures: Who will pass the most TD’s in the new season?

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NFL Futures Predictions

Key Stat: Tom Brady thrown 43 TD passes last season which was the best record in the regular season

Tip Reasoning

  • Tom Brady retired at age of 44, but decided to delay his retirement signing for another year with the Bucs
  • Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback in the league being 44
  • Tom Brady was 199th pick overall on the 2000 draft

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Tom Brady, a living NFL legend and for most of the planet, the GOAT in this sport. The oldest quarterback in the league after announcing his retirement at the end of the past season broke the heart of all fans of this sport. However two months later, he decided to delay his retirement and comeback for another episode of the greatest quarterback ever. The 44-year-old legend is going for another campaign with the Buccaneers and they are happy to have him back.

We wouldn’t share a lot of information about him because everyone knows who he is. We speak about the 7 time Superbowl winner and 5 times MVP guy here. He appeared in 10 SuperBowl games and there is not any other single player that reached or might reach this accomplishment anytime soon. Despite being on of the most paid players in NFL, he still earned less than his wife, Gisele Bundchen. She was a world top earning supermodel for ten consecutive years and she is about to reach a billion soon.

The reason behind taking this prediction is simple. When Tom Brady is in the game, we know what he can do. The Bucs played very offensive football last season and Brady won this tittle despite his age he was the best quarterback in this category throwing 43 TD passes. With him having back on the field he is among the favorites in this category.

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Key Stat: Aaron Rodgers is the second oldest NFL quarterback with 38 years

Tip Reasoning

  • Aaron Rodgers is 1x NFL Champion and MVP of the SuperBowl back in 2011
  • Aaron Rodgers is 4x MVP in the league (2011, 2014, 2020, 2021)
  • Aaron Rodgers is a minority owner of Milwaukee Bucks

Aaron Rodgers is among the legendary quarterbacks in the NFL. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers back in 2005 as a first round pick and he spent his whole career under this franchise. The legendary Packer is about to have his 18th season in the NFL. In his previous 17 seasons with Green Bay he led his team to 12 post season campaigns and to only one SuperBowl tittle in 2011. For such a quarterback many people believe it is too less but all understand that he played in the same era with Tom Brady and that he couldn’t do more.

Last regular season for Green Bay Packers was almost perfect and the public expected the Packers to go all the way to the SuperBowl but, team chocked in the playoffs as many times before. Aaron Rodgers and his teammates failed for exceptional performances and lost in the first round by the 49ers.

Aaron Rodgers threw 37 TD passes in the regular season which was 5 less than Tom Brady. The two oldest quarterback are again backed to repeat their high quality games and that the “old guys” will enjoy great season again. It is still risky as the young quarterbacks are about to takeover another new era with future legends like Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Matthew Stafford.

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