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Betting on the NFL is not limited to just picking the winning team or the spread for an individual game. With NFL Futures, you can predict events that will have an outcome in the long run, like the winner of the next Super Bowl or the NFL MVP, just to make some examples. Our experts will provide you with the best NFL futures odds and bets, and with top predictions, including who will win the AFC & NFC, division winners, team win totals and more. So bookmark this page to avoid missing out on great NFL Futures picks and analysis.

NFL Futures Picks 2022/23

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Super Bowl Futures Bets

If you have been asking yourself what is the most popular NFL futures bet to be placed by NFL bettors, the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the answer. This NFL future market opens up just a few minutes after the prior season is over, and it is available through the season and postseason until the conference championship games are over. Of course, sportsbooks are changing the odds as the action unfolds, with some teams will have better odds than when the market was opened while others will have shortened. The favourites are called like this for a reason but don’t be afraid to place a small stake in the ‘underdog’ that you believe can do better than expected. 

Division and Conference Championship Futures Bets

As we have seen, the Super Bowl winner is the most popular NFL future market to bet on, but the opportunities are vast in this area. Of course, you can wager on many more things, like a team to win each division and who will secure the NFC and AFC titles. So you can potentially wager on each of the divisions’ winners: NFC East, NFC West, NFC South, NFC North, AFC East, AFC West, AFC South and AFC North. The teams that win each eight divisions will qualify for the NFL playoffs, together with three ‘wild-card’ teams from each conference (AFC and NFC). These three teams have the best records in the conference that didn’t win their division, and there are no limit to how many wild-card teams can come from the same division. As mentioned earlier, NFL future odds will move throughout the season, so if you see a good opportunity, it makes sense to lock the price there rather than risk seeing this shrinking as the season progresses. 

Why NFL Futures Odds Changed?

We said that NFL Futures’ odds are changing throughout the season, but what impacts them? It is a combination of things like injuries, trades, other roster moves and team results, of course. Not all the injuries will impact NFL future odds in the same way. An injury to a star quarterback, for instance, is more likely to impact the odds of a futures wager than a defensive tackle being available for a few fixtures.

Generally, odds for NFL futures bets change every week. If you have a team that, for instance, suffers three game losses in a row, this will have a much stronger implication on futures odds than it would do in long-running sports like NBA or MLB. Values on NFL Futures odds are always around the corner, but you need to be able to enter the market at the right time and take advantage of the fluctuation of the odds. In the postseason, NFL futures odds are moving dramatically, as teams are getting eliminated. The same is happening in the regular season for other future wagers, like MVP and division winners.

How are NFL Future Bets Payout?

Similarly to other wager types, NFL futures are posted with odds that relate to a $100 wager. So if you have the Kansas City Chiefs to win the NFC at +650, it means you would get $650 in profit when you stake $100. Not all the futures bets are so simple to read. For example, a future wager on the Seattle Seahawks to win their division might be -200. In this scenario, you would need to bet $200 to reach a $100 profit. When evaluating what NFL futures bets to make, it is essential to know what is the potential payout you could get, as this will allow you to shop around for the best price. 

Futures Bets For the NFL Season

Super Bowl: What team is going to win the Lombardy Trophy? As mentioned earlier, Super Bowl futures odds are getting the majority of action than any other NFL futures bet. Of course, there are strong favourites before the season begins, but we all know crazy things happen in NFL, and there are many talented teams that have a chance to win the title, so don’t be afraid to go for a potential darkhorse. 

MVP: The most common player prop is for the Most Valuable Player award. This is usually the first individual prop to be on the board, and usually, it is a Quarterback that secures the prize. The last time a non-QBs won the award was back in 2012 with Adrian Peterson, and before that, it was in 2006 with LaDainian Tomlinson. 

Offense Player of the Year: Despite the MVP tends to go to a quarterback, the Offensive Player of the Year award is usually assigned to running backs. Three of the last four winners have been position players, so you might want to consider your option when wagering on this market. 

Defensive Player of the Year: The Defensive POY award is challenging to wager on, but you can win big if you can predict it correctly, as odds reflect the difficulty. 

Successful Betting Strategies for NFL Futures

As mentioned earlier, NFL futures markets are available as soon as the previous season is over, and they stay active throughout the offseason, preseason and regular season. Odds are continuously updated and refreshed as the season progresses, so you can get a big payout if you pick a team or a player at the right time. 

It is crucial that once you have decided which team or players to back, you shop around for the best odds. Since these are long-term fluctuating markets, different sportsbooks have very different prices, and by hunting, you can find significant value for the selections you are prepared to wager on. This is why we also list the best prices for the NFL Futures picks we are publishing and also provide detailed sportsbooks reviews and best offers so that you can open multiple accounts, where necessary. 

You mustn’t be afraid to back more than one team, as guessing the winner with just one shot is particularly hard. But, don’t just back the favourites as the value you will get will be minimum. For several years, we have implemented a successful strategy to pick one favorite and one potential ‘darkhorse’ as a backup. We have also noticed that odds for preseason favourites tend to rise during the season, and then they shorten again before the postseason. So, placing NFL futures bets at the right time is very important and can deliver a considerable return. 

When wagering on NFL MVP, it doesn’t make much sense to risk a non-QB. 17 of the last 20 winners have been Quarterbacks, but again in this market, you shouldn’t just go for the favourite as many things can happen during a season, injuries included. Also, in this case, we advise picking two or even three players to give yourself the best chance of being in the contest until the very end. When it comes to NFL Offensive Player of the Year, we have seen that running back and quarterbacks tend to dominate this NFL future market, while the Defensive Player of the Year tends to go to linemen.