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On this page, you will find our top NFL prop bets for every week of the NFL season. Our experts are working hard every week to figure out what are the best Player Prop Bets and Team Prop Bets to suggest to our readers. They spend countless hours researching and data crunching to do so, and this is why our NFL props for this week’s games are so popular. We have a massive database and can pull all the key data and stats to help our experts’ cappers produce some quality NFL Prop bets predictions.

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03/10/2022 8:15 pm

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LA Rams 2-1, SF 49ers 1-2

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What are NFL Prop Wagers

NFL Prop Bets also called Prop Bets are wagers on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specific outcome during a game. When betting on NFL Prop you are not necessarily dependent on the outcome of a game to get a payout, but only that something will happen during the game. The most popular types of prop bets are NFL team prop bets, and NFL players prop bets. All the major US sportsbooks offer a vast selection of NFL Prop bets for every game of the season. 

NFL Player Prop Bets

As the name indicates, NFL Player Prop Bets are these wagers focused on a player’s performance in a particular matchup. The most popular NFL Player Prop Bets are passing yards, rushing yards, and receiving yards. Prop bets can also be a combination of more things. All the major online sportsbooks offer Prop Bets on football, and you will also find odds on Player Touchdowns (First, Last or Anytime) and similar. NFL Prop Bets are not only focused on offensive players. Defensive players also feature in the Prop Bet markets, as you can bet on things like Interception or a sack. The latter are not always available, but you will find these options for most NFL games.

Our experts used the best real-time statistics available

With advanced real-time statistics now widely available to the general public, it is not surprising to see that player prop betting are getting more and more popular. Our experts are also utilizing the wealth of information available to develop the best possible NFL Player Prop predictions. They analyze the game conditions, injuries, weather, team performances, and everything that can help predict certain players’ performances. Bookmark this page and come back regularly to avoid missing the best NFL Player Prop Bets available on NFL games this week. 

NFL Team Prop Wagers

The NFL team prop list can be a bit overwhelming, especially for novice bettors, but they offer an excellent opportunity to wager on the different facets of an NFL game. Some of the most popular NFL Team Prop Bets include things like Which team will score first? Which team will score last? and similar. 

To produce quality NFL Team Prop picks, it is important to be meticulous in the research, but don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. Our experts are taking care of it and will post here all the best NFL Team Prop Bets for the NFL games this week. 

Best sportsbooks for wagering on NFL Prop Bets

As mentioned earlier, prop betting is becoming more and more popular and this is why sportsbooks have expanded these wagers types significantly in recent times. Nowadays, almost every online sportsbook in the US will offer prop bets on NFL games, with the biggest online sportsbooks operators that will go the extra mile when it comes to variation within the prop bet markets. Having many different ways of wagering on NFL Prop is positive, but you also need to consider the value. Despite NFL Prop bets are attracting more and more bettors, they are not as popular as traditional wagering markets, which means that the difference in prices between operators can be significant. To ensure value, compare the odds of your NFL prop bet picks, as, in some instances, you will gain a significantly higher payout amount if you are correct in your wager.  

To help you out in this task, in addition, to producing NFL prop picks, we will also post the best odds and offers from the major sportsbooks so that you can see what types of returns you can get for the same selections. If you want more detailed information on the best online sportsbooks to wager on, check our comprehensive online sportsbook reviews and our NFL betting guide. 

What does Anytime Touchdown Scorer mean?

Anytime Touchdown Scorer is one of the most common Player Prop wagers available to NFL bettors. In this case, you are predicting that a particular player will score a touchdown during an NFL match. You can either back a rushing or receiving touchdown for an offensive player or wager on a team’s defense/special teams to deliver a touchdown by kickoff, fumble return, or interception return. If you get it correct, you will win with the payout that will depend on the odds given, which vary from player to player depending on the outcome’s probabilities. 

Is Passing Touchdowns included in Anytime Touchdown Scorer?

Passing touchdowns is included in anytime touchdown scorer but only for the receiver. 

What Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Mean For Quarter Backs?

The Anytime Touchdown Scorer market is something a bit different for quarter backs. To win a wager on a QB to score a touchdown anytime, they must score a rushing or receiving touchdown, with the passing touchdowns that will only counts for the receiver.