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If you are interested in NHL Prop Bets, you are in the right place. Prop betting is increasingly popular, and it is a fun and sometimes rewarding way of wagering on an NHL game, which is not necessarily linked with the outcome of the match itself. There are many different NHL prop bets available for every matchup, and our expert handicappers have looked at all these options and come up with today’s NHL best prop bets after a deep research on all the key aspects of a game and key stats.

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NHL Prop Betting Guide

The National Hockey League, also known as the NHL, is one of the major professional sports in the US. Despite not being as popular as the NFL and the NBA, the league has made a significant process in recent years, and it is one of the major sports when it comes to wagering in the country.  Prop betting is an alternative way to wager on the NHL, and it is not surprising that it has seen its popularity increase in recent times, as it is something that every potential bettor can do. With prop betting, you won’t need to focus on the outcome of a certain NHL matchup, but you only need to analyze the events that are taking place within that game. In this NHL prop betting guide, we will look at the most popular NHL betting options and provide you with some key tips for success with this innovative and fun new wagering style. 

Why place a Prop Bet on the NHL?

A prop bet is a term used in the US sports betting industry, and it stands for a propositional bet. This unique type of wager is one of the newest in the US sports betting industry, and it offers bettors a different angle from the traditional way of wagering on the sport. This is because, instead of simply picking the winning team in a matchup, NHL prop betting offers lots more opportunities, which we will look at right here. 

Most Popular NHL Prop Bets

As this wager type continues to grow in popularity, the list of available NHL prop bets will keep growing, but below, we have listed the most popular prop bets right now. These NHL prop betting options are similar to those found in other sports. In this wager type, it is vital to always look at the available options to find the most valuable prop bet and at the odds that can vary significantly from one sportsbook to another. 

Player Prop Bet Explained

The most popular type of NHL prop bet is called a player prop bet. This type of bet is placed on an individual player in an NHL matchup and can be someone from either team. When wagering on an NHL player prop bet, you will probably wager on a particular statistical category to place the bet. In a way, this is similar to fantasy points, and some bettors prefer to focus all their attention on just one player instead of wagering on an entire team or game. Below are some examples of NHL play prop bets types you will find with the best sportsbooks: 

  • Will Player A score a goal in the upcoming game?
  • Over/Under 1.5 total points for Player B.
  • Which player will record the first penalty in the game? 

Team Prop Bet Explained

A team prop bet is very similar to a player prop bet, but here the focus of the wager is on an entire team. This is one of the newest types of NHL prop bet, and there aren’t at the moment as many options available as you would see with the player prop bet category. Sportsbooks, in some cases, prefer to put a team against another one when making an NHL team prop bet, as this can add additional entertainment. Below are some examples of this type of team prop bets: 

  • Which team will record more penalty minutes?
  • Will Team A record over/under 4.5 goals?
  • Over/Under shots on goal for the Team B: 37.5

Season Prop Bet Explained

If you prefer to have a wager on a long-term outcome rather than on just a single game, you might want to consider NHL season prop bets. These types of bets are very similar to an NHL futures bet, although the latter tend to focus more on individual or team awards when it comes to the NHL. Season NHL prop bet, on the other hand, are taking things a bit further and below are some examples: 

  • Will an Eastern or Western Conference team win the President’s Trophy?
  • Will the league MVP be over/under 25.5 years of age?
  • Will an American-born player be the league MVP?

All-Star Game Prop Betting Explained

The NHL All-Star Game is not as popular as some other pro US sports, but it does attract lots of attention as it is a celebration of the best hockey players in the whole world. Sportsbooks tend to give NHL even more visibility during this period with a special number of wagers, especially in the prop betting market. 

Skills Competition

Before the NHL All-Star Game starts, several skills competitions are taking place. The NHL tends to change these different skill competitions every time, but sportsbooks are always offering prop betting options related to these. These are some unique events that the NHL offers, and these will also be the focus on some unique prop betting opportunities. 

NHL All-Star Game Prop Betting

The NHL All-Star Game is one of the most followed events of the hockey season, and sportsbooks are paying lots of attention to it. In terms of prop betting opportunities, you won’t find any other event that has more than the NHL All-Star Game. Below are some examples of some of the prop betting opportunities you might find around this event: 

  • Will a goaltender win the All-Star Game MVP?
  • Over/Under total goals scored in the All-Star Game
  • Will there be a penalty in the NHL All-Star Game?

How To Be Successful In NHL Prop Betting

Almost all the available NHL prop betting options focus on skills, but there are also some variations. Similarly to other sports, you might also find attractive NHL prop betting options during the whole season. To increase the chances of success when wagering on NHL Prop bets, we suggest you pick a specific type of prop bet and focus on that to become an ‘expert’ at whatever kind of prop you choose. Changing and experimenting with different options is fine, but eventually, focusing on a single type will give you more chance of finding an edge and becoming successful. 

Fun Prop Betting

‘Fun’ prop betting were usually created around huge events like the Super Bowl, but in recent times we have seen that they have also started to appear in the NHL. If you are going to wager on a fun NHL prop bet, you must be prepared that the outcome is going to be widely influenced by luck. This is because these fun NHL prop bets usually don’t have much to do with the action on the ice but will instead focus on side things happening in and around the main event. 

Skill Prop Betting

Although being successful with Skill Prop bets can involve some luck, generally, to have the best chance of finding an edge, you must put some research into it. Unlike the fun Prop bets we have looked at before, a skill prop bet is usually won by making wise decisions backed by some solid data. All the most popular NHL prop betting options we have seen on this page fall under this category. 

NHL Prop Betting Picks

Now that you understand how NHL prop betting works and the opportunities, it is time to look at how to get some quality NHL prop betting picks. This is where Betting Picks 4 You can really add value as we have some of the best NHL experts, who will post the best NHL prop betting opportunities on this page, together with full rationale. Everything is completely free, so make sure to bookmark this page and come back regularly to get valuable insights and top picks on NHL Prop betting. Below we have also listed what the key things to look at when making NHL Prop betting predictions are:

Check Goaltenders Data

When analysing an NHL game, one of the first things you look at is the goaltending matchup. Of course, many factors can influence the outcome of an NHL game, but goaltenders are indeed a key one. This doesn’t mean your NHL prop bet has to be only on goaltenders, but you should always consider this when reviewing the game. For instance, it wouldn’t be advisable to back a player to score a goal if they are up against a strong goaltender. 

Use Small Unit Betting

Lots of sports betting experts will advise you to use the same betting unit when wagering, but this doesn’t apply to prop betting. Place a large unit on an NHL prop bet is not what you should consider, as there are too many variables to account for that could affect the outcome. Also, you might place more NHL prop bets on a specific game, so using a large unit for those wagers will only increase the liability too much. 

Get The Latest Injury Report

Hockey is played by some of the toughest men in the world, and it is a contact sport. As a result, many players prefer not to disclose lots of information about their injuries, and the same goes for their teams. This makes researching the actual fitness of a player a much more challenging task than in other sports, but to improve your wagering results, it is paramount to find out as much as you possibly can. Even if you don’t see a player listed on the injury report, it doesn’t mean that they might not be dealing with some kind of injury that can influence their performance.