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Prop Bets Parlays Picks: Our Sunday NFL Wild Card Weekend Two Team Parlay At +380 Odds!

In addition to actual betting on prop bets, parlay betting, which combines multiple bets, may be entertaining. You may also place a parlay bet on a prop bet, did you know that? Find below our experts’ best prop bets parlays’ for today’s slate.

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NFL Prop Bets Parlay

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The important thing is to have fun while doing it, regardless of whether you want to place a straight moneyline bet, gamble on which team will cover the spread in a game, or place a parlay in the hopes of getting a bigger return. Both parlays and prop bets include some risk so bet responsibly.

How to build a parlay prop bet? 

Prop bets, are also called proposition bets, are bets that aren’t linked directly with the ultimate result of the game. A prop bet is much more focused on whether or not something will happen or will not happen. It may be something that happens at the start, during or towards the end of a game. While props are betting on immediate occurrences, like the game’s MVP, future bets are bets on longer-term events. In addition, to prop bets, future bets can also be included in your parlay builder.

A prop bet is something like this:

  • In the first 15 minutes, is there a possibility for a certain player to score a touchdown?
  • Will a certain athlete hit a home run?
  • How many three-pointers can a certain player make?
  • In this game, can an individual throw more than 350 yards?

Prop bets allow for both conditionals and particular game-related events as well as arbitrary occurrences that aren’t really game-related. Other possible prop bets include:

  • Coin toss outcome
  • The duration of the Super Bowl national anthem (a prop bet with an over/under)

In betting on American football, basketball and the NHL, as well as soccer, prop bets are prevalent, so let’s see what are some potentially successful strategies. 

What is a Successful Props Bets Parlay Strategy?

Prop bets aren’t dependent on the game’s outcome, but many important variables are still involved. For instance, Tom Brady would have to participate and be in good condition if a prop bet was placed on whether he could pass for a certain amount of yards. Now, if he gets hurt, is placed on leave, or else finds himself suddenly unable to travel, this might not be doable. You should always be attentive to everything, even the weather.

Keep yourself updated on any squad and individual players’ developments that may occur. In addition, it is important to maintain track of any developments that might change the course of a game or reduce the possibility of specific events occurring, such as news of injuries, abrupt withdrawals from participation, and other news.

Reduce Your Parlay/Prop Bet Risk

Even when placing parlay bets on your prop bets, you should always aim to reduce your risks.

One is to wager on weaker teams than typical gamblers. Try to avoid going above four teams and constructing seven-leg parlays. Although it may not be as lucrative as a 7-leg parlay, this strikes a balance between managing risk and the potential for reward.

Although it could be alluring to avoid missing out on a roughly $1,000 payoff for a seven-leg parlay, the odds of you winning all those legs decrease as you add more teams to your wager. Go with betting on weaker teams since you have a better possibility of winning all those legs. Instead, aim for three to four legs. Payouts from 3-team parlays are quite attractive given their risk and reward.

Use sports betting bonuses

Utilizing the incentives you get from your sportsbooks is another method for lowering the risks associated with placing parlay prop bets. The majority of sportsbooks provide incentives to both new and returning customers on their platform, including welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, minor deposit free, and even sporadic bonuses for simply sticking with your bookmaker.

Often, these bonuses have strict wagering requirements that compel you to play at set periods or bet a certain amount of money in free play or credit. Even so, free play is still free play and offers a chance to win money with a lot less risk than placing a complete bet with real money. We have a whole section where you will find the best sportsbooks bonus deals that can be used in your state! Don’t miss out.

Always use moderation when placing parlay prop bets and manage your bankroll well. Most essential, remember to enjoy yourself while accomplishing all of the above!

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