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Don’t Miss Sunday Afternoon Soccer Parlay At +749 Odds Featuring The Milan Derby!

On this page, you will find our top Soccer parlays for every week of the soccer season. Our experts analyse all the best Soccer bets to select the top ones and include them in the best Soccer parlay picks this week. If you prefer focusing on a single game, we also have soccer same game parlays, where we combine our hottest Soccer picks and go in search of a big payout!

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Soccer Parlay

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The Best Soccer Parlay Picks Today

If you are looking for the best soccer picks and parlays for today’s action, you are in the right place. Our soccer experts are providing parlay picks that include domestic action in the MLS and the best European leagues and competitions like the English Premier League and the Champions League. So bookmark this page and check daily for today’s best Soccer Parlay picks, accompanied by our expert previews and analysis, best odds and top bonuses from the legal and safest online sportsbooks in your state. 

What Are Soccer Parlay Picks?

A Soccer Parlay wager is a single bet made of several selections. A Soccer Parlay picks are suggestions from our experts on how to create one and hopefully hit. To win a soccer parlay, you need that every selection will win. This is challenging, but on the other hand, a soccer parlay will have multiple odds of the individual selections with one another. This means your payout will be higher than placing these wagers individually. Furthermore, in a parlay bet, you will have the flexibility to combine selections from different markets like Money Line, Spreads, Totals and even Player props to make your bets more exciting. We have lots of Soccer Picks and Soccer Predictions every day to give you some ideas, in addition to the soccer parlay picks presented on this page today. 

If you like wagering on big favorites, doing parlays could be a great solution. Backing these selections in straight wagers won’t be great as odds are likely to be too low, but when you combine these into a parlay, you multiply the odds making the payout a lot more interesting. The only catch, of course, is that if only one selection is lost, then the entire parlay is lost. 

When wagering on fixed odds markets like spreads and totals that have prices at around +/- 110, the payout for a 3 team parlay will be in the region of +600, so with a $100 stake, you will get a profit of $600 if the parlay hit (total return $700), which is very interesting indeed. For a 4 team parlay, you would be looking at odds of +1200, which means a return of $1300 for a $100 stake. These are the reasons why despite the increased challenge, many people are wagering on parlays bets, which are also very entertaining to follow. 

How To Be Successful With A Soccer Parlay Bet

As mentioned above, soccer parlay bets are very popular, despite being tricky to land, with upsets that can happen at any time, as you only need one selection to lose for the whole parlay to lose. Considering that, it is important to be selective with your soccer wagers and parlays, and below are some key steps to follow when trying to be successful with a soccer parlay bet.

  • Don’t add more than 4 selections in a parlay – the challenge of winning a parlay increases the more selection you add. Of course, the odds are also increasing, but realistically to have the best chance of being profitable with this bet type over the long period, we would suggest keeping the parlay to 2, 3 or 4 teams maximum. 
  • Use parlays when betting on several favorites – Parlays are a great way of backing several strong favorites, and still, get a decent return. Having a parlay with two or three strong favorites, let’s say Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea, you might get odds of +145 which means a profit of $145 from a $100 wager, which is decent. Backing these teams individually will return a lower amount, and you would have to increase the stake and, therefore, the risk. 
  • Search for the best value odds – sportsbooks will have different odds for the same selections, and despite this might look only a marginal difference, everything is amplified when you place a soccer parlay bet. If, for instance, you have the opportunity to wager three picks at -100 each instead of -150, the parlay will return $800 instead of $583 with a $100 wager. So, always look for the best odds for your parlays, as over time, this could well make the difference between being profitable or not.  
  • Manage the bankroll – To make the most of your wagering activity and have the best chance of being profitable over time, you have to manage your bankroll well. For instance, if you keep your stake consistent on soccer parlay bets, with 3-team parlays at odds of around +600, you would need to win just 1 in 7 to break even. Any better result will mean you are in profit. 

How To Wager On Soccer Picks And Parlays

Wagering on soccer parlay picks is very simple and can be done with all the best US online sportsbooks. To place a wager on a soccer parlay, you just need to click on the soccer section, where you will find all the games available. You can also search the matches by time or league. Then, you just need to add all the selections you want in your parlay into your bet slip. Here you will see the parlay odds and also see what are the potential winnings based on the stake that you are prepared to wager. Everything is pretty simple, however, if you are still unsure, just check our betting guide for further details. Also, if you are unsure which sportsbook to place your Soccer Parlay bets with, check out our comprehensive Online Sportsbook Reviews. You will be able to get all the details on the best US legal operators and promo codes for the best online sportsbook offers in your state. 

What Is A Soccer Same Game Parlay?

A Soccer Same Game Parlay is a variation of a regular soccer parlay, with the main difference that, as the name indicates, all the selections of the parlays are coming from the same game instead of various matches. Similarly to regular parlays, the main positive of a Soccer Same Game Parlay is that by combining multiple picks, you can attempt to get a bigger win on the match you are focusing on. This is because, as per normal parlays, the odds will increase for every selection. 

An exciting strategy to use with Soccer Same Game Parlay is to add correlated props and picks to the same bet. Correlated wagers are when the outcome of one bet directly affects the outcome of another. So, for instance, you might expect a team to win comfortably and score lots of goals. A Same Game Parlay, in this case, could be formed by: Team A to win with -1.5 handicap, Player A of that team to score anytime, and Team A to keep a clear sheet (which means not conceding goals). By combining these three selections into a same game parlay, you will get better odds than simply wagering on Team A to win. Of course, like any other parlay bet, the more selections you add, the more challenging it will be to get a return, but the odds will increase further. You need to have a balance between trying to hit a huge payout and getting the maximum value in a Soccer Parlay: from our experience, adding 3 or 4 selections is best rather than having parlays with 7 or 8 picks. 

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