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The Best Free UFC Predictions Weekend

Get the latest UFC predictions tonight. Our expert UFC handicappers have worked hard also this week to provide you with the best UFC predictions and advice for every mixed martial arts event taking place this week. Of course, everything is free, so scroll down to get tonight’s UFC predictions for the entire card, including our UFC prelims predictions. The popularity of mixed martial arts is growing fast, and the UFC drives this.

There are plenty of ways of wagering on the UFC, and our expert cappers have looked at the wagering markets that can give you an edge against the sportsbooks. The most straightforward way of betting on the UFC is to predict which fighter will win, but there are many different ways to wager on MMA fighting, and we are working hard to find the best value MMA predictions every week and deliver these to you completely free. Check out our expert guides to find out more on where and how to wager on the UFC.

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How To Make The Best UFC Predictions

There are lots of different ways to wager on this weekend’s UFC, so there are many UFC predictions to be made. Not surprisingly, the most popular type of UFC prediction is to predict the outcome of a fight, betting with the Moneyline market. When wagering the Moneyline in UFC, it doesn’t matter what the method of victory will be, as you are simply betting on who will win the fight. 

Method Of Victory is also a trendy UFC bet type. In this case, you predict a fighter to win by a specific method like KO or submission. But, of course, there are also other UFC wagering markets. For instance, you can make UFC predictions on the number of rounds a fight will last and even wager on more specific props bets like Successful Takedowns, Fight To go The Distance and similar. 

Here at BettingPicks4You, we have the best experts looking at all the UFC markets and providing the popular UFC Predictions before each event. So don’t miss out on this week’s UFC predictions! 

Free UFC Predictions Tonight

Wagering on the UFC is a great way to have some fun with plenty of events, one after the other, in packed fight night cards. Sports bettors will be looking for the best free UFC Predictions tonight! Here at BettingPicks4You, this is precisely what you will find. We have selected a team of top UFC handicappers that analyze the entire fight cards and provide UFC Predictions that include the Early Prelims, Prelims, and the Main Card. Not only will you find great UFC Predictions, but also detailed fight previews packed with analysis and advanced stats to make the most of the UFC betting opportunities. Our UFC predictions on the fights are so popular because our experts carefully research every detail and crunch the data with their knowledge of the sport to make the most informed decisions. This work is time-consuming, so take advantage of our research, so you don’t have to do it. Check our UFC predictions tonight, always available here on the UFC predictions page. 

Best UFC Fight Night Predictions

UFC Fight Night events take place usually once a month and are headlined by the UFC stars of the future. On these occasions, our experts can deliver the added value and help you gain an edge over the sportsbooks, which might struggle to figure out these smaller events with rather unknown fighters. We have UFC handicappers passionate about all things UFC and go very deep in the sport to know everything relevant, even on these smaller cards. Delivering UFC Fight Night Predictions with an edge over oddsmakers is our aim, so don’t miss out on anything. Our handicappers will provide predictions, previews and analysis on all the top UFC Fight Night action, so you can make the most of UFC Fight Night betting. 

Free UFC Prelims Predictions

Usually, our UFC Prelims Predictions are the ones that deliver the biggest value. This is because all the attention from punters and sportsbooks is on the headline shows, as the preliminary fights involve the lesser-known fighters, who are the next stars of the UFC. Many UFC fans will not be familiar with their names, but we do the hard work for you and can profile them sometimes even better than the oddsmakers. And, if we do this, we gain an edge over them! So don’t miss our UFC Prelims Predictions, as they are also entirely free. They are similar to our Main Card predictions. They are also accompanied by a complete analysis that includes all the most critical fight stats and trends, which help us decide on the potential outcomes. So, bookmark this page and come back each week to find our UFC predictions, including those UFC prelim predictions, to get the night going in the right way. 

When Do You Post Your UFC Fight Predictions?

We usually post our UFC predictions the day before the fight. This is because our UFC experts balance getting enough information and giving our readers enough time to digest the predictions and the analysis. Usually, our UFC predictions are posted after the weigh-in and the final press conference as, at that point, we do have the best information ahead of a fight. A great thing about the UFC is that we have access to lots of information, as there are plenty of press conferences during the week and access to the weigh-in. Here we can assess the shape of the fighters and get insights into the type of training camp they have had. Fighters that won’t give away too much or look too slim on the scale might give invaluable clues for our UFC fight prediction. You will find these analyses and more in our detailed fight previews, presenting key stats like punch data and takedown success. So to give yourself the best chance of making a great UFC betting weekend, ensure to check out our UFC fight predictions. 

How To Best Predict UFC Fights

There are many different ways to predict a UFC fight, and every handicapper has its own style and strategy. Unlike boxing, where there are massive favorites, with odds sometimes of -5000, the UFC is a lot more uncertain and volatile, making an upset a very realistic option. The key to producing the best UFC Fights predictions is to figure out fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, their styles, and which one can get an advantage on the night. Sometimes some fighters look unstoppable, but when they face an opponent with particular characteristics, they struggle to keep up with them. Predicting a UFC fight is not simple and requires lots of patience, knowledge and research, but if you get it right, the rewards are there to be taken, as the odds are very generous. Our expert handicappers live and breathe UFC: they combine their experience with hours of film study, advanced stats, latest news and press conference insights to build a complete picture that they can then use to make a quality prediction. Everything is available in our fight previews together with our predictions, so take a look at this week’s UFC predictions and get ready for the big night!